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Morris Ganis was born at Trikala and grew up in Thessaloniki. He studied Art at Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem and he attended one semester at S.V.A. in New York. He first appeared as an Artist at a group show on 1998 at Rebecca Camhi Gallery in Athens by making paintings on wood that where describing a Virtual Bar he made up by combining pictures of his friends and geometric shapes on a dark background. There was a clear connection between the icons and modern time added to his knowledge of the Hebrew language where “AVAR” means the “past” or “wild”, and that was a start for him to produce works like illustrations of his everyday life which he generated and applied to, his interpretation.

On 2001 he made his first solo exhibition called CIRCO presenting paintings with a similar style besides an installation of a circus taking place in one of the rooms of the Gallery which actually rejected his paintings and afterwards making him to stop painting the way he used to. This caused a mess to his paintings when he passed out from acrylic on wood to a kind of expressionist tracing of the canvas with multiple layers reminding the hebrew word “Balagan” which means a mess or chaotic situation the way oil color reacts when it is used as free of style.

His theme is still the social field which is created around habbits of the young people in the Urban enviroment which make the Fashion and all the trends. His work points the flat depth of mass culture which in his opinion is anything but clear to the most.

His suggestion is a reconception of the connections between different languages in order to remember those associations that are common between different cultures.

Other solo exhibitions of Morris Ganis where at AD Gallery in Athens 2004, when was the start of his “expressionist” period which is rather closer to Graphitti and passing the message of the rejection of formalism than planning a schedule.

At Galerie 3 in Athens he presented the decorative use of symbols that take place on the web.2006

Besides, his interest in Virtual Reality made him create an Avatar at Second Life the game, where he used a texture made by him as the clothes of the avatar and the result was rather Primitive compared to other users at this Game. That was at Givon Art Gallery at Tel Aviv on 2007.

At Rebecca Camhi Gallery at 2015 the personal exhibition “Herbaceaous Border” was a “Twitter” representation of the social media site where the sound of the word twitter reflected at the paintings the meaning “to eat”.

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