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NatashaL profile image

Natasha (NatashaL)

Joined 23 months ago from USA




Also follow me on:

I guess I'd call myself an "everywoman" whose career path looks more like a snake than like a line. I've spent time working in an office, teaching secondary English and Spanish at a church school, scoring standardized tests, and substitute teaching in district elementary schools.

During my journey, I've gone from a rabid (but questioning) fundamentalist view to a more agnostic view. My search for answers has only resulted in more questions. I'd say that my experiences with the religious are the main reason I've reconsidered my views on religion. But my time with organized religion is also why I learned how to play the piano and became so interested in English grammar and conventions.

Although English is my first language, I have a degree in Spanish, a language I've become quite fond of. Now if I can become more comfortable conversing in it.... Japanese also intrigues me, but I barely have a rudimentary knowledge of that language.

My foray into this mini-world we call the Internet began in August of 1996. Back then, AOL still charged by the hour, and we proudly bandied our status as "Internet users," even though it took me a long time to understand how the actual WWW worked.

Once I'm your friend, I'm your friend. Just don't hurt me or take advantage of me. I'm the type who will keep giving you chances; but once I've had enough, I've had enough.

When I'm not here or a freelancing site, my online life normally consists of working on my graphics, collecting fonts and stock photographs, catching up with weather and news on Twitter, and developing educational materials for my corner of a well-known teacher site. I've become a huge Canva fan, too.

Offline, I'm probably doing housework, taking care of my family, searching for the right summer job, or just trying to figure out what it all means. I was the primary caretaker for my late mother, who died of non-Hodgkins lymphoma. Right now, I help my stepfather, who is recovering from spinal-cord surgery.

Here, I hope to share my thoughts about English usage, graphics, education, clinical depression, and the other things running around in my mind.

Hope you enjoy the journey.

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