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Olumisin Tolulope Abisola (Olumisin Tolulope Tinuoye)

Joined 13 months ago from Lagos Nigeria

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    Summer Palaver

    11 months ago

    Handsome billionaire son seeks a Summer Distraction. Can the mousy looking lady be the distraction he seeks, or he is in for disaster

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    Broken Fragments 3

    12 months ago

    Forgiveness does not come easy but rewarding. The fruits of forgiveness are undeniably bountiful.

  • How Beneficial is the Turmeric?

    How Beneficial is the Turmeric?

    12 months ago

    Keeping Health is essential in the times we are in. Underestimating the potential of a natural spice like Turmeric to the body is like misjudging the power of currency to the economy. In this article, I will be discussing the components of, and body response to Turmeric.

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    The Elusion

    12 months ago

    Saying goodbyes to loved ones is not an easy feat. But sometimes one just has to, and even some other times it might turn out to be a goodbye in reverse. Hello!!

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    The Broken Fragments 2

    12 months ago

    Forgetting the past seems painful but not impossible. But the unforgivable is dragging an innocent soul into a sordid past, unquestionably unforgivable.

  • How to Obtain and Sustain Customers on Social Media

    How to Obtain and Sustain Customers on Social Media

    12 months ago

    The Internet is a global market place with a wealth of opportunities. But some wonder why they do not get so many customers while their competitors do, here is why and how.

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    Whispers of Fate

    12 months ago

    Could there be anything worse? Fate is really playing a cruel joke on her, how much more can she take? Definitely her life is being used as a game of chess.

  • Smarter goals and Emotional Intelligence

    Smarter goals and Emotional Intelligence

    12 months ago

    In a confusing world, maintaining emotional stability, and determining emotional intelligence cannot be overstated. This is why everyone should read this to attain a level of intelligence in relationship management and goals achievement.

  • Quarantine Samosa and Spring Rolls Recipe and Preparation

    Quarantine Samosa and Spring Rolls Recipe and Preparation

    12 months ago

    The Quarantine period is a blessing in disguise. I got to discover a whole lot of potential and hidden talents, it is only fair to share one of them, easy way of making spring rolls and Samosa. fasten your seat belts and let's go explore.

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    The Chord

    13 months ago

    Office flirtations can be harmless, I mean everyone has indulged at one point or the other. But some didn't come to play when they feel irresistible attraction. To them privation, self esteem or worth does not matter. so it is either they get what they want or die trying.

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    The Broken Fragments

    13 months ago

    Have you ever received a blow to the heart causing emotional suppression? The pain so intense and gut wrenching, that you thought no one could relate or ever survive the emotional wreck. well this might just be a good read for you.


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