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Born June 25, 1961 to the late Robert Glen Taylor, Ruth Marshall Taylor/Smith, the only child created from this union. A mother of two children, seven grand-children, one grandson-in-law.

Join me through the windows and doors of my mind.Flow with me as I travel through the vast dimensions of my brain while we travel together in the world of the unknown. Travel to the the pains and joys of life. The goods and the bads, the happy's and the sad's, the pretty and the ugly.

Let's explore the fabric that holds this country together and the things that is also tearing it apart.

Working on my second marriage, when he really should have been my first for as happy as he makes me.

My sincere gratitude to each and everyone of you that stops by to look at what the world has in store for you and I. I really appriciate you visiting my site and giving your opinions and or feedback.

Thank you and please come again and bring a friend with you.

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