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GNN News Columnist|Chief Editor of PB|Freelance Journalist

I am a Guest writer on Global News Network and bestowed the noble title of Chief Editor PB Magazine. I consider myself to be objective - although everyone disagrees; feel free to add your name to the list - since I have no allegiance to any political Party. I am a Freelance Journalist and I stand firmly against social injustice.

I regularly shared my views on various political and social issues at The People Branch, a blog with ultimate objective to better society, perhaps the world.

I am on most social networks under the ID: mducheiney
I invite you to take a critical look at my book The OBAMA Legacy - http://bit.ly/2tm3vrt - which dispels all myths about Obama presidency

Listen to an excerpt of the audio version, - http://adbl.co/2sSeMyt - ou’ll love it irrespective of your political affiliation

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  • Can God Save Us from Trumpageddon?

    Can God Save Us from Trumpageddon?

    14 months ago

    It doesn't take a genius to foresee the devastation a Trump administration can cause to the country, to the world even. Should God intervene to save mankind?

  • A Case Against Donald Trump

    A Case Against Donald Trump

    23 months ago

    The entertainment we have all enjoyed while watching Donald Trump during the primaries is no longer funny; the fate of the nation, the world even could be in the hands of a very unsettling individual