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Lets say you have a dream. It really doesn't matter if the dream is good or bad so far this dream of yours is truly original. The goal of this dream is not to gain wealth or fame but for ​you to put all your effort into this dream no matter what the outcome is.

hmm lets see... no matter what i end up writing here, it would wind up with me talking about my desire to write. So maybe there might have profit attached to it, but the truth is that i just plainly enjoy writing. Well i live alone in new brunswick canada. Though i am still in university, i take my time off to work on my novel and write blogs

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  • Cell X (Part 2)

    Cell X (Part 2)

    6 weeks ago

    This is a continuation of Cell X story

  • A coming of age (Growth and a Loss of innocence in Literature)

    A coming of age (Growth and a Loss of innocence in Literature)

    6 years ago

    The idea of a coming of age or a Bildungsroman stems from the effect that growth has on individuals, someone's growth from childhood to maturity or from a boy to a man is a journey that is pivotal and more times than...

  • The Bro Creed

    The Bro Creed

    6 weeks ago

    Since the beginning of time, there has always been dispute over the dos and don't s when talking about the friendship between bros. Most of the disagreements that arise between bros usually revolve around dating and...

  • Cell X (Part One)

    Cell X (Part One)

    7 weeks ago

    For different people around the world, an asylum would have different definitions and different purposes. Some view it as a prison, some see it as a place of rehabilitation for the psychologically insane while others...