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Post Trauma
Facing My Pain and Embracing Change
by Renata Kell

Post Trauma follows the first two years of a woman who has unknowingly become addicted to prescription pain pills through years of prescriptions. When she reveals this to her family and begins the process of getting clean, her family endures several tragic deaths. Suffering through physical and mental withdrawals, Renata was unable to be supportive and had to rely on her family when they needed her most. Renata Kell reveals the heart-wrenching experiences of her struggle and her family's grief and anger as they step up and inspire her to stay sober. After a period of journaling, Renata's mind began to get clear only for her to have a total mental breakdown. She sought professional help. Upon discovering her PTSD, Renata went against counselors' advice and wrote down flashbacks of severe physical and sexual childhood abuse. Post Trauma portrays the wounds that led Renata down this dangerous path and the secrets for which, now revealed, she is finally finding healing. This tremendous story of faith reminds of the need to lean on one another and accept the changes in our lives. What could have turned out to be a tragic scenario has become an inspiring tale of a family full of love and determination to save each other

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