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Joined 9 years ago from Trinidad (an island in the Caribbean)




Artist currently on a journey of self discovery. Sometimes I am moved to write...sometimes people just ask me to move. :-)

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  • Time Runs Out Like Toilet Paper

    Time Runs Out Like Toilet Paper

    8 years ago

    Low Tide - Art by Sharrie69 It's been a while since I've written here. A long while. Been busy, been distracted, didn't feel like writing. Tired. The usual excuses. Excuses..we are good at that we humans. Always a...

  • My Week in H1N1 Limbo

    My Week in H1N1 Limbo

    2 years ago

    No...it's not Michael... Pariah. Outcast. Leper....just the words "Swine Flu" accompanied by a cough sends people scampering for the hills..or the nearest well ventilated area. The misnomer is the latest buzz on every...

  • Loss and Life

    Loss and Life

    8 years ago

    Original Art work by Sharri69 Life, as a friend of mine put it, "is a funny old thing". It twists and turns and meanders and leads you to places that you sometimes don't wish to go to but realize, when you come out the...

  • The Good News and The Bad News

    The Good News and The Bad News

    8 years ago

    Today I celebrate who I am...big butt and all! Original Art by Sharri69 A couple weeks ago I became determined to lose the weight that had sloooowly crept up on me in the last couple years. You know - the kind of...

  • A space of my own...

    A space of my own...

    8 years ago

    My little corner :-( My creative sinuses are plugged. I'm fed up, frustrated and more than a little discouraged. I've given hub pages a miss for a week and my paints a miss for even longer. Why you might ask? Lack of...

  • A little about me...

    A little about me...

    9 years ago

    Yup I do cartoons too. I've been browsing around Hubpages in my first week and reading so many great hubs and getting to know the folks behind them. Just in case any of you are curious about me..well I'm a pretty open...

  • Escape


    9 years ago

    Flight of Fancy - Original art by Sharrie69 A mesh of soft, white barbs Beating together Pulsing with life, Soaring up into the dense fields of Towering Giants - tipped with golden-blue light Taking the...

  • Trinidad shows its Colours

    Trinidad shows its Colours

    9 years ago

    Carnival Castle - Orignal art by Sharri69 On April 17th,2009 Trinidad and Tobago will play host to the Fifth Summit of the Americas. The fact that the eyes of the world will be upon us has caused quite a flurry of...

  • The Devil Inside

    The Devil Inside

    9 years ago

    Ever the Fool - Paper Clay Sculpture by Sharrie69 It seems that since I have started hubbing that my Art is beginning to take on a life of its own. Each piece seems to be popping up with its own story to tell. Artists...

  • Crash


    9 years ago

    Original art by Sharrie69 Originally, when I loaded this piece of artwork earlier this evening, I was going to do a hub on our day out on the sea and treat you my dear Hubbites to some more photos of our lovely island....

  • Life on my Island

    Life on my Island

    9 years ago

    Boat at Maracas - Original art by Sharrie69 Paradise Hunuman Temple - The Statue is 85 ft high Celing of the Hanuman Murti Temple Temple in the Sea - built on land that was reclaimed bucket by bucket by a devotee ...

  • On being creative

    On being creative

    9 years ago

    Wisdom - Original art by Sharrie69  What is it that drives some of us to create? To write, to paint, to draw, to sculpt? What force in us is so great that it must transmit itself through our very fingertips onto paper...

  • Waking from a Dream

    Waking from a Dream

    9 years ago

    Loss - Original artwork by Sharrie69 Today I surrender to life. I die in it. Today I release myself from the cage of asking questions. From the cage of limitations. I surrender myself to the never ending miracle that...