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Kindergarten teacher and mommy to two. I love children and teaching and am always aspiring to learn more and share that knowledge with others!

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  • Highland County Maple Festival

    Highland County Maple Festival

    6 years ago

    Information on Highland County Maple Festival in Monterey, VA. Directions to Highland County Maple Festival, Monterey, VA. Events at Highland County Maple Festival held in March in Monterey, VA.

  • Easy Appetizers

    Easy Appetizers

    10 years ago

    Great appetizer ideas for busy cooks!

  • Time Out Strategies

    Time Out Strategies

    9 years ago

    We often hear the term "time-out" used in behavior management, but the key to employing this strategy successfully is knowing when to use it. I try to reserve time-outs as a chance for the child to extract himself from...

  • How to Swaddle a Baby

    How to Swaddle a Baby

    10 years ago

    One of the best techniques for soothing a newborn baby is swaddling. Here's how! Begin by laying a square/rectangle receiving blanket on a flat surface so that it makes a diamond shape. Fold the top corner down so you...

  • Snacks for Dieters

    Snacks for Dieters

    10 years ago

    Are you trying to lose weight? Engage in a healthy lifestyle? Quell that craving? I've successfully dropped 2 clothing sizes twice in my life (once losing the initial weight, the second time after having a baby). I...

  • How to Get a White Horse CLEAN!

    How to Get a White Horse CLEAN!

    10 years ago

    Step by step directions for bathing a white horse. Dirt and stain removal for white horse. Grooming tips for cleaning a horse. Horse show preparation and tips for grooming white horses.

  • How to Make a Cheeseball

    How to Make a Cheeseball

    6 years ago

    You can vary many of the ingredients in this cheesball to taste. This is the recipe that gets raves whenever I serve it at a holiday function! Ingredients 1 8oz. package cream cheese 2 cups grated extra sharp...

  • Classroom Management

    Classroom Management

    10 years ago

    Quick and easy strategies for getting your class quiet! Set a timer. Kids love to try to "beat the clock". Count down from 10. This works especially well with little ones. Boys vs. Girls--- whoever is quiet in the...

  • Behavior Management Strategies for Kindergartners

    Behavior Management Strategies for Kindergartners

    6 days ago

    Through verbal praise, behavior charts, and reward systems, discover positive ways to reinforce good behavior in young children.