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I'm a messenger, a traveler, a scholar, a student.

I love to involve myself in all forms of art and media.

Too much media, plus too little time, equals overwhelmed.

Life is an endless flow of knowledge, grab some for yourself!

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  • Good Writing Tips

    Good Writing Tips

    4 years ago

    This lens is a collection of tips, tidbits, and other goodies that are good rules and practices to live by if you are interested in writing, publishing, or blogging. Whether your goal is to make a profit selling ebooks...

  • Henry The Pirate Dog

    Henry The Pirate Dog

    4 years ago

    Costume available at Amazon One of the cutest things I have ever seen in my life was my neighbors little dog Henry, dressed for Halloween a couple years ago. Her 2 kids were still pretty young and still wanted to do...

  • Simple Webpage Tricks

    Simple Webpage Tricks

    18 months ago

    Sometimes we need a little bling and baubles to make an unexciting webpage or profile page pop! These tricks will not work anywhere, and unfortunately they do not work on Squidoo pages, but this lens is meant to help...

  • Diary of A Cat's Life

    Diary of A Cat's Life

    4 years ago

    And Chaos is his name Oh! Yep this is our cat Chaos! You might be thinking to yourself, but he looks so calm and serene. LOL, well sometimes he is, and other times he lives up to his name. So how did we come up with...



    8 months ago

    You don't have to be a kid to enjoy dolls! Did you know you could have loads of fun dressing dolls online, And learn how to fashion design, and create beautiful graphics all in the same place! That is why we created...

  • Diaries of a Rocker

    Diaries of a Rocker

    18 months ago

    I'm making this page about my personal rock and roll experiences, performing and traveling on the road and off, and because I simply thought it might make an interesting Lens for me to use partially as a journal, and...

  • The Richmond Virginia Music Scene

    The Richmond Virginia Music Scene

    2 years ago

    After many years on the road, and living in dozens of cities across the US, I have been living in Richmond Virginia for over 18 years now. In that time here, I have managed night clubs, booked bands, promoted shows and...