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profile soon to be updated to a well... slightly normal status.. in the meantime, just have some giggles on me and a bit of a read if you wish.. add me as a friend too if you would like, but remember.. i write RAW... editing is done when it is required, but i write like me, not everyone else, and there will be times it just sounds non-profound, but thats me. and thats the way its goin to stay.. :)

the shakes had ebated for a while.. with just one or two here an there but when the full mQQn begins to come back into view, well.... we just have to wait an see what shakes.. but lQQk... lately they been fartn all over the world... jeesh... what next... lol

(appologies to my fav hubbers, i got lost in work.... an forgot about my other home - HP)

But.... HONEY I'M HOME!!!

I live in the land that shakes and up until xmas 2010 we'd had well over 3000 aftershocks... they expect lots more... that number grew an grew to the 10's of thousands.. and then we got another big one... on 22nd feb 2011... 6 mths after the first one.. and it wasn't our last.. sheit!!! who wants to come an visit..??

Things have well an truley settled a bit but around one in the morning we had a little jolt yet again (30 nov) and of course the rest of the night i slept very gingerly and kept waiting for something bigger.. normality rears its ugly head yet again... and here i was hoping to get my hubs updated and my house semi-normal again, maybe the cat will stop being so scared of his own shadow in the dark and i will feel safe in my own home again... they do say dreams are free ya know...

..instead of being my normal self and writing something silly or adventurous on HP i live in limbo waiting for the house to shake after a massive gut wrenching groan across the ground in between bouts of broken sleep.. who said ya get used to it? they lied, cos ya don't!! life in our city is pretty much on the edge 90% of the time, the slightest shudder sends people wondering when its all going to stop and when the next actual big one is going to be...

welcome to New Zealand's Garden City... christchurch city... kinda naffed and now filled with horror and pain and fear. even a year later from the first... yet most of us stay!

Thats a little about my world... so come and join my wonderful family of followers and when it is at all possible i will wrap you in my warped sense of humor with something totally weird, wacky an - unwise lol because when i get through back to the normal me, and i stop waiting for more rockin an rollin that's no where near a dance floor... i will be here to share the fun with you all. CS.


right.. now that i have updated this.. among the shakes, rattles and rolls of the ground we wake with a sigh an think oh another day.. life goes on which is just as well cos someone else would have to break into my hp page, hunt out my password and delete my account, fat chance baby!.. i'm stickin around!! ;)

right.. please read on at my command.....

yes i command you to smile now as you really do not want to obey my order but you will ;) now.. for those who have become a member of my favourite HP family.. i will be updating the friends page asap.. i will hold me to it.. but no point ransoming myself, id be broke paying me haha

OH... i just noticed my rating lowered.. thats just not cQQl..!!
Time to pull bucket off head and do somethin bout it ;)
I will add names to my Extended Family Page as soon as I get a chance to, so if you've joined the luxury liner of giggledom where occasionally I write some Weird an freaky stuff.. then I appologise for the slow interuption of life in the working lane...
I'll get to it as soon as i find my 'round-to-it...' Nah kiddin, I'll throw you among the rest hehe as soon as i get a chance....

C. aka sugz ;)

now.. the normal guff hehe

Welcome to my world.. it's completely crazy, filled with all sorts of weirdo stuff and each day brings something new, sometimes exciting othertimes.. just don't ask! lol
if you want to knowa little of what makes me - ME.. then just keep reading and join my extented family.

New Zealand is a pretty country, (pretty crumbly where i am... buildings are layin on the ground in places...) :(
very similar to many other places around the world, (no i dont mean the crumbly bits) but we're totally relaxed and helpful to those traveling from other countries which you can too if you jump on the world sofa and chilax at someones house instead of bein ripped off in some low rate hostel, lots of people on HP have given the thumbs up so why not give CouchSurfing your thumb up too?!?

I'm a relaxed easygoing person who enjoys meeting new people, trying new things and making all aspects of my life as much of an adventure as i can, this includes the computer.. Where i travel all around the world everyday, meeting new people and visiting their homes, sharing a coffee or just waffling about nothing.. all for free!
Dare To Share an amusing way to meet new people..SUGZ way... and if you dare a little more... relax & have a bit of fun..
The world really is a small place when we have so much to bring to each other.

Well firstly i'm a bit of an entrepreneur and spend many hours working from home on my computer and have just learnt how to create my first blog
i design a few websites here and there which lately i have been doing quite a bit lately so am now re-creating an old business, i also dable in a bit of graphics and what ever else my mind can get itself in trouble with.
I educate horses, and am an Equi-Therapist where i use intense massage therapy to help horses that have sore tired muscles or muscular strain inhibiting them in their daily tasks of racing, jumping, dressage or showing. I also educate horses to saddle, harness and prepare yearlings for sales, I am also a horse-riding instructor of 24yrs. I own 6 horses, & Bourbon my cute-lil black cat and two mature children.
Yeah ok, they own me. and righ tnow.. i have 1 argentinain and 2 uraguay 'sons' living with me.. all the way from.. yup.. CouchSurfing!

I'm a novelist and am have just broken into the literary world after 14yrs of writing I have 38 titles, many of which are half way through, many completed and a few still just ‘got the plot’ two of my novels i plan to write into movie script, which i am using HP to learn more about. I have a few kid’s books, 3 short stories, 1 currently entered in "The Bridport Prize" in the UK, loads of songs, 1 recorded the rest.. ah nah! and a selection of poems.
Although I have some poems published, I have just started self-publishing which I have also created a hub that may help others in this field also. here's some help on Self-Publishing. my newest projects are creating e-dvd's based on a selection of 'how to' hubs which the content is being edited at present... (on hold until aftershocks finish in the area)

i spend most of my time playing with words in all shapes and forms, having finally found my first low-priced self-publishing site. I stumbled across HubPages while looking for another way of expressing meanings in life.. this is kind of evident in some of my attempts at joviality.. straight from the keyboard

I have a handful of hubs and am working on a few more but will publish them when they are done, in the meantime, I'll wander around reading all of yours, answering questions and pretty much just be myself.. hehe

I use both Facebook & Twitter, I have just worked out how to create a BLOG LOL

I even figured out how to use the most wonderful invention of all time.. this Amazing NEW... Font!

I am also the queen of typo's... and I'm here to haunt you hahaha

join me on facebook twitter, blogger & googleBuz (just looked, seems i stuffed this link up lol)

it seems that hubpages has changed a few things since i've been busy elsewhere.. so, i will fix the links to my blog etc soon.. in the meantime, jump on in an read my hubs and if you like them, please bump them up a bit..

the saga of the keyboard police part two has been sitting unpublished for a while and well.. my last attempt at anything was 15 Seconds.. and well.. life has changed incredibly in 2012.. and now that we hare 3/4 the way through it.. i'm almost at writing stage again.. life just gets so damn busy sometimes.. so, if you wish to be part of my hub family.. go ahead and 'follow' and i will add you to my appreciation page.. :) but now, i have to go feed a horse! lol


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