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I am different from most but sometimes looked upon as the same. I am modest but won't deny my intelligence, dry sense of humor, beauty (inside out it shines), independence.

I love family its one of the most important things to me and I know the day will come when I start my own family. I am originally born and raised in Memphis, Tn. Of course life leaves you loved by many and hated by a few but that doesn't hinder my flow

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  • Ovarian Cancer.. The Facts .. My Opinion .. and the Journey so far

    Ovarian Cancer.. The Facts .. My Opinion .. and the Journey so far

    4 years ago

    This is a brief insight to Ovarian Cancer as it relates to the different tumors and treatments. I also disclose my personal ovarian cancer story along with an in depth view of Granulosa Cell tumors.

  • Taylamade: Set Me Free

    Taylamade: Set Me Free

    6 years ago

    Laughing out loud in the silence because its not funny no more. Ironic isn't it but some days I just don't want to share tears with the floor...My cries go unnoticed so I must be invisible.. walking around with this...

  • Conditional Friend

    Conditional Friend

    7 years ago

     I remember as children we would say "Will you be my friend?" and the reply was usually "Sure" or "Ok" So now that I am older I have come to learn that there are different levels of friendships some are real and some...

  • When


    7 years ago

      There was a time she believed in fairytales and had dreams of a picket fence and a handsome prince.  She would be a nurse and heal the sick and care for her 2 kids. She had a vision and life was all planned out...