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I grew up in Sheboygan WI where I graduated from North high school. I lived there for several years working in retail and trying to help mom cope with her recent divorce. After many years of her battle of manic depression and suicidal tendencies I lost my mom to suicide in 2010 at which time I moved to Manitowoc WI to live with my now husband.

We both just got out of a long term relationship months earlier and going into it all we had to lay boundaries and make sure we wanted to do this because we both had a child to think about.

Co-parenting was a new thing and was extremely difficult. At the time our children were 9 months and 1. We have gone through much together losing our mom's and our grandmothers all within 4 months of eachother leaving us with no family to help us along our journey. It was very difficult dealing with all the grief and trying to maintain a new blossoming relationship. We relied on each other. The only reason we made it through was because of how much we loved and needed one another. Had it not been for my husband I wouldn't have been able to make it through losing my mom and same goes for him.

A few months after I moved I decided to go to college and got my Associates degree in medical administration imediately followed by my bachelor's in the same field. While I was in college I worked full time for the leading dermatology practice in the nation, we were remodeling our home and handling parenthood the best we could. I was still unfulfilled, there was something missing making our family complete.

In 2014 we got married, it was beautiful, small, elegant and nothing like it. We had the discussion of kids often and not wanting anymore kids at least not immediately I was just getting settled into the idea of buying a new home as soon as this one was done and moving into a new chapter of our lives when fate had its own agenda.

The week before christmas 2014 we found out I was pregnant. I knew in my heart having a baby together was important and though i said i was okay with no more i wasn't. So when we found out I was incredibly excited my husband being more shocked than anything. We immediately started making plans for a room for the new arrival in our home.

We put our plans on hold and in 7 months converted our 3 bedroom house to a 4 bedroom. It was a long road but we did it. On August 27th 2015 our son was born. It was one of the best days of our lives.

I quit my job and the dermatology office and became a stay at home mom handling the trials and tribulations of my step daughter and her mom and my daughter and her dad and now our new baby. It was a whole new chapter of life. With all the changes came new ideas and not being content with not contributing financially but wanting to stay home, I found new ways to help my family. With the hopes to build a new home for us all I am in search of ways to boost our financial situation and keep our family happy.

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    Most people love to create and be crafty. You go online and look for things that can inspire you and find so many things to find out when you do it the things doesn't turn out quite right.