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  • Was Charles Lindbergh the Second to Cross the Atlantic? The Mystery of the White Bird Aircraft

    Was Charles Lindbergh the Second to Cross the Atlantic? The Mystery of the White Bird Aircraft

    8 months ago

    If you like a good historical mystery, then the story of The White Bird aircraft just might be your cup of tea. Just two short weeks before Charles Lindbergh successfully made his historic nonstop flight across the Atlantic Ocean, The White Bird...

  • Homemade Relish Recipes

    Homemade Relish Recipes

    2 months ago

    Making your own homemade relish is not going to save you a mountain of cash. It should be viewed as more of a creative outlet and a way to experiment in the kitchen with condiments not easily found in your local supermarket. This lens includes...

  • The Mysterious Disappearance of Explorer Percy Fawcett

    The Mysterious Disappearance of Explorer Percy Fawcett

    13 months ago

    The disappearance of explorer and archaeologist Colonel Percy Harrison Fawcett has long been shrouded in mystery. In 1925, the British explorer set out with his son and his son's friend for the Brazilian jungle in search of the ancient Inca city of...

  • Five Comets of the Last 25 Years

    Five Comets of the Last 25 Years

    15 months ago

    Since the beginning of mankind comets have amazed and mystified us. Over the past twenty years, our solar system system has witnessed some notable examples. These comets have been quite the spectacle for both astronomers and amateur stargazers...

  • Katherine Reutter-Adamek; U. S. Speed Skater

    Katherine Reutter-Adamek; U. S. Speed Skater

    7 months ago

    Katherine Reutter is a three-time national champion short track speed skater. Reutter is a fast-rising star in the world of short track and the Champaign, Illinois native made her Olympic debut in Vancouver in the 2010 Olympiad. **100% of the...

  • Tower Bridge

    Tower Bridge

    15 months ago

    If there was ever a bridge that you can call "historic", it's the Tower Bridge, which is a combined bascule and suspension bridge in London, England over the River Thames. It is close to the Tower of London, which gives it its name. It has become an...

  • Joe Cocker - Rock Singer

    Joe Cocker - Rock Singer

    7 months ago

    I have always loved Joe Cocker's music, and many feel that he has one of the great rock voices of all time. The legendary Cocker has had hit records in the 1960s, 70s, 80s and 90s. His gutsy, gravelly, unique vocal style and unmistakable stage...

  • Alice Neel - American Artist

    Alice Neel - American Artist

    7 months ago

    Born in 1900, Alice Neel was an American portrait artist. Neel's difficult and unconventional life mimicked the approach she took towards her paintings. Although her early work received limited attention, Neel would enjoy great success and the...


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