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Hello! I am a 50-year-old mother of 4, grandmother of 6 (and still counting). There are two things in life that I love (other than my kids and grandkids whom I love more than anything) and they are music & writing.

Let's start with what I love most about music: Well, I play keyboards by ear, although not as good as I used to since I quit playing for a very long time, after quitting the band I was with, to have my last child who is almost 20 now. I can also sing a bit but not at all like my kids who are great singers but like me, they wasted their talents. I am currently learning how to create music with music creation programs on my pc which my son is great at doing and also taught himself at a very young age which it shocked me to hear some of the music that he made since it's awesome. I also enjoy listening to music matter of fact, I can't live a day without it, my friends on Facebook know this because I post most of the songs I listen to while working all day.

Now let's talk about writing which has always been my passion in life: Now this is something I can honestly say that I am very good at (even if I do say so myself). What separates me from the rest when it comes to writing? Actually a number of things but mainly the fact that when I write something I make it clear so that the reader understands the message I am trying to send, also, I always try to add little surprises in my articles or something creative that no one else would think about, to somewhat shock or mystify the reader, and my favorite content to add to my writings is humor, it's something that's a part of me which I can hardly resist matter-of-fact the only time I'm not joking is when I'm serious lol. I have written everything from poetry to music but I favor writing poetry and fantasy since they give me the chance to be creative and use my imagination and let me tell you my imagination is so great that I even scare myself at times hehehe.

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