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  • The Gift of the Magi

    The Gift of the Magi

    12 years ago

    The theme of “self-sacrificing love” is evident in The Gift of the Magi. The plot and setting greatly influence the motivation of the characters and final outcome of self-sacrifice.

  • Choosing The Perfect Christmas Tree

    Choosing The Perfect Christmas Tree

    12 years ago

    This article describes how to choose the best Christmas Tree for you. This is only for individuals looking for a live tree, which you will be able to purchase at a tree farm or a commercial Christmas tree plot in your local area. Happy hunting!!!

  • The Art of War in the poem

    The Art of War in the poem "Futility" by Wilfred Owen

    12 years ago

    The poem Futility recounts the death of a soldier in the aftermath of a battle. Futility conjures emotions of initial optimism following hopelessness for the soldier. Diction, metaphor and personification are elements which contribute to the emotive response of the reader which will further be...

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    "Hotel on Acid" in "Fear and Loathing"

    6 years ago

    The Hotel on Acid scene from Fear and Loathing successfully illustrates the drug induced experience of the main character when arriving at a Las Vegas Hotel in the early 1970’s. The artistic elements cohesively work together effectively, providing a realistic, authentic quality through the...

  • An Examination of Kate Chopin's the Story of an Hour

    An Examination of Kate Chopin's the Story of an Hour

    6 years ago

    This a short analysis of Kate Chopin's The Story of an Hour which examines similarities between her personal life and literary works.

  • Artificial Intelligence: The Singularity IS Quickly Approaching

    Artificial Intelligence: The Singularity IS Quickly Approaching

    12 years ago

    The idea that technology will soon equal or surpass human intelligence is a fairly recent concept. One of the leading figures bringing this new awareness to light is Futurist and Inventor, Ray Kurzweil. His discussions have demonstrated, in great depth, how we will achieve this major advancement....

  • The Kinship of the Inuit of the Arctic

    The Kinship of the Inuit of the Arctic

    12 years ago

    The Nestilik Inuit’s culture is mostly motivated by their need to survive. There are three behaviors of the Inuit influenced by their kinship and culture which will be further explored. Communal fusion and fission, general reciprocity, and ritual or ceremonial participation are considered vital...


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