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Vikky Bondoc Cabrera (vikkycab)

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  • I Got Rid of my Asthma

    I Got Rid of my Asthma

    2 years ago

    Having asthma is no fun. But overcoming it, both mentally and physically, is surely so much better.

  • I don't have a Soul. I am Soul !

    I don't have a Soul. I am Soul !

    13 years ago

    My reply to a question posed by another hubber M'Lady Grimm What exactly is Soul?, Is it part of our consciousness? Do animals have Souls? I got a better understanding of what Soul is when a friend declared: "I DO NOT HAVE A SOUL !!! I AM SOUL...

  • How to Find Your IP address Made Easy

    How to Find Your IP address Made Easy

    14 years ago

    On the many ocassions that I had to personally contact my internet service provider, as well as with my web site host, for assistance, I had to be ready with my IP address. I used to have this written down somewhere, but amid the many things tha I...

  • FAQs from Beginner dancers

    FAQs from Beginner dancers

    12 years ago

    Here are some questions which beginner dancers have asked me and my partner prior to enrolling in our social dance classes. You ask and the Dance Addict answers. No one is really too old to learn to dance. Dancing is for everyone. For the...

  • Prepare delicious bitter melon dishes

    Prepare delicious bitter melon dishes

    12 years ago

    I've always loved eating bitter melon (also known as bitter gourd, and ampalaya in my country) since I was young. It had never occurred to me then that most people hated its bitter taste. Perhaps, my mom prepared this highly nutritious vegetable...

  • Surviving Menopause

    Surviving Menopause

    12 years ago

    It didn't occur to me that I could be experiencing the start of menopause. But I never encountered hot flashes, perhaps never noticed it in the normal heat of our country, nor did I have noticeable mood swings. But at 43, my ob-gyne confirmed after extensive tests that I had broken through the...

  • Stop Child-Proofing Your Home

    Stop Child-Proofing Your Home

    3 years ago

    Just yesterday, I reminded my second daughter to attach a gate at the top of her stairs to prevent her 1-year-old daughter from accidentally falling down the stairs. Surely, that was a grandmother's concern for her pretty grandchild. But then, I...

  • Please don't smoke in a public vehicle

    Please don't smoke in a public vehicle

    12 years ago

    In the Philippines, smoking in a public vehicle is definitely illegal. Yet, smokers sometimes try to challenge this law, as well as the patience of non-smokers. If you have ever ridden in a jeepney, you know how very inconvenient it becomes when...

  • How I quit smoking 2 packs of cigarettes a day

    How I quit smoking 2 packs of cigarettes a day

    12 years ago

    For some 28 years, I had been hooked to smoking like a furnace, and smelled like one too. Back then, in university, it was real cool to smoke. Almost everyone did, and those who didn't were 'not in'. I started with a stick, smoked after dinner on...

  • Fighting off the Evil Eye

    Fighting off the Evil Eye

    12 years ago

    We all know that "evil" can only be fought off by "good". And since "evil" is not a thing, it cannot be fought off by things like amulets and talismans. The "evil eye" is not a physical eye. It pertains to a intention, or thought, from another...

  • How to Get the Lowest Air Fares Anywhere in the World

    How to Get the Lowest Air Fares Anywhere in the World

    10 years ago

    Have you ever tried to book your own flights, without the assistance of a travel agent? I was asked to do just that for my first job decades ago. I tried to haggle for good rates and arrangements. Eventually though, we ended up consulting a travel...


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