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    Africa's Connection To Christianity - Part 3

    2 days ago

    Mark the Evangelist was more than just a follower. In many respects, he was a pioneer and trailblazer. He saw the advantages of a foundation that was centuries in the making and used it well. His leadership from North Africa took Christianity around the world.

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    Saint Mark - Africa's Connection to Christianity - Part 2

    5 days ago

    In part 2 of this African connection to Christianity we will see how Saint Mark proves to be the central figure. He is cited many times by the early church fathers. His fingerprints are still quite noticeable in Africa and Asia today.

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    The African Connection to Christianity

    8 days ago

    How the Christian mind was shaped in the first five hundred years is of utmost importance. It gives us a reliable precedent dating directly back to the writers of the Bible, and to those who carried this life-changing message to the rest of the world.

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    This Is No Time to Panic

    3 weeks ago

    There are many who believe the Christian faith is in peril. I am not one of them. There is nothing that is happening today, regarding the Christian faith, that was not expected. Don't panic, everything is as it should be.

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    Understanding Jesus at a Glance

    3 weeks ago

    Having a good understanding of scripture requires knowledge of both the Old and New Testaments. This hub, UNDERSTANDING JESUS AT A GLANCE puts us on that path. This series will open the bible up more fully.

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    The First Question God Asked Adam (Where Are You?)

    19 months ago

    The Christian faith requires us to answer the same question God asked Adam in the beginning. In relation to God and, our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, 'where are we'?

  • 6

    Be Hot Or Cold

    19 months ago

    We need to be hot (healing, therapeutic) or cold (invigorating, refreshing), we can't be both. The Lord says being lukewarm is unacceptable. Complacency is equivalent to being lukewarm.

  • SAINT PAUL - The Thirteenth Apostle - Part III - Final

    SAINT PAUL - The Thirteenth Apostle - Part III - Final

    19 months ago

    I hope you have found the first two parts of this series interesting. This is the third and final part. There is so much about Paul and his ministry it couldn't be told in one part, so please bear with me. You will find this part most enlightening and fit for its conclusion. Not that this is...

  • Saint Paul- the Thirteenth Apostle - Part 2

    Saint Paul- the Thirteenth Apostle - Part 2

    19 months ago

    This amazing Apostle who was instrumental in ending one era and starting another is worth reading about. The first part was interesting enough, but now let us go even further into the life and ministry of this great man of God.

  • SAINT PAUL - The Thirteenth Apostle

    SAINT PAUL - The Thirteenth Apostle

    19 months ago

    The Apostle Paul wrote the majority of the New Testament, and is one of the most quoted of all the apostles. There is a reason why Paul stands out among the apostles, and I hope to bring that aspect of it to these writings. In Paul marks the end of one era, and the beginning of another. Come...

  • Jesus Ancestor, the Prostitute

    Jesus Ancestor, the Prostitute

    2 days ago

    Who was Rahab? She was a woman so honored that her name is included in, what is considered by many as, the 'Faith Hall Of Fame', "By faith the prostitute Rahab, because she welcomed the spies, was not killed with those who were disobedient". ...

  • The Fingerprints of God

    The Fingerprints of God

    7 days ago

    God often works in and through our lives in ways that we rarely recognize. His imprint can be seen, if we look closely, on His impact on us. This is what I call "His Fingerprints". There is no doubt in my mind that "His Fingerprints" are all over you as well.

  • The Incarnation

    The Incarnation

    3 weeks ago

    Why was the Incarnation of Christ necessary? Every (Mature) Christian should know the answer to this question. What if you encountered an unbeliever who was teetering on the fence of indecision, and he/she asked you about this ...Incarnation? How...

  • To Be Satisfied

    To Be Satisfied

    2 years ago

    Satisfaction ., a thing to be sought, All the while ....... a battle is fought. I've sensed and felt it's presence before, only to be eluded once more. In fits of rage I've searched for this thing, I'd lie, cry, laugh and, I'd sing. There were...


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