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I love writing short stories. My story themes can happen from any corner of the world. I like taking you all to different time period. What we need is simple emotions to enter this fictional world and turn this dream of ours into a reality. I want to write many stories as possible each having its own distinctive universe. If I am experiencing an emotion about love then I will see that I can translate those emotions and turn it into a story. To create an emotion inside my head I need to listen to music. It can be about anger, disappointment, joy, fear, excitement or anything. My stories express about the struggle we face in this world. I like introducing forgotten past to today's world and make it look fresh. Hope these stories will take you on a journey through my flight of imagination. Some of the situations happening in some of my stories are inspired by real-life events. The main aim of writing these stories is to make us feel more human. Simplicity is everything. Thank you.

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