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  • Fun Science Play for Children

    Fun Science Play for Children

    7 days ago

    As an adult, you should be proud to know - all that science you found hard in school is actually much easier now! Here's an easy solid and liquid experiment you can teach your children like a professional. All you need is some water and ice cubes.

  • Health Benefits for Children Growing Up With a Family Dog

    Health Benefits for Children Growing Up With a Family Dog

    2 weeks ago

    So your children want a dog... You think it’s a good idea. But you worry about the cost of dog ownership, the responsibility and the investment value. What else will dog owning do during childhood development to make all this worth it!

  • Probiotic Benefits for Your Dog and Your Family

    Probiotic Benefits for Your Dog and Your Family

    2 weeks ago

    Probiotics promote digestive health for your whole family, including your dog. Find out signs and symptoms that indicate your dog can benefit from probiotics. Also learn the benefits of probiotics for children and adults and tips for administering probiotics to babies and children.

  • How Dogs Show Affection

    How Dogs Show Affection

    7 weeks ago

    Want to know what signs are signs of love from your dog? Sometimes interpreting obvious signs of dog affection can conflict with what us humans think is affection. It's hard to understand why your fuzzy buddy chews your shoes to say "I love you".

  • How Dogs Help The Visually Impaired

    How Dogs Help The Visually Impaired

    3 weeks ago

    Ever wondered about the intense focus and unique relationship between a guide dog and the owner? Here's how guide dogs work with their owner to help someone who is visually impaired. Do you know the facts or the myths?

  • Bilateral Proprioceptive Stall in Aging Dogs

    Bilateral Proprioceptive Stall in Aging Dogs

    11 months ago

    As an owner of a large breed aging dog, I have observed that Titan's hind legs are becoming weaker and he is no longer has the steady gait he once did. I worried that the symptoms were progressing and learned there is a diagnosis and predictable path for aging dogs who have this condition.

  • Dogs in the Rain

    Dogs in the Rain

    6 months ago

    When it rains and you have to take the dog out - you find yourself wondering "do I have too?", this article is a great read! Learn why walking in the rain is actually valuable for your dog's development at any age.

  • Best Summer Dog Walks That Benefit Your Dog's Socialization

    Best Summer Dog Walks That Benefit Your Dog's Socialization

    6 months ago

    Having better weather in summer time usually gets people and their dogs outside more often. But where you walk your dog can enhance their social development at any age! Read on to see how the top ranked summer dog spots help your fuzzy buddy build brains!

  • Expected Euthanasia of An Aging Dog

    Expected Euthanasia of An Aging Dog

    6 months ago

    This post was meant to be written while Titan was still with us, 6 months ago, after his second- to-last veterinarian checkup. However, as fate would have it, life got in the way and I am only able to put my thoughts and experience in to writing now. Ironically, as I have reflected over the last...

  • Treating Chronic Urinary Tract Infections in Older Dogs

    Treating Chronic Urinary Tract Infections in Older Dogs

    7 months ago

    Our Weimaraner, Titan, is 14 years old. When he was first diagnosed with a urinary tract infection, we were relieved that it was easily treatable. Then it happened again. Now what?

  • Best Dog Brain Games

    Best Dog Brain Games

    3 months ago

    Find ways to keep your dog entertained this summer. Try this game and see what you think.

  • What a St. Bernard Dog Can Bring To Your Family?

    What a St. Bernard Dog Can Bring To Your Family?

    2 months ago

    St Bernard's are a large breed, attentive, gentle, family dogs. They are known for helping people, and are thought of as care-givers. They are traditionally known for carrying a barrel of brandy around their neck to promote survival in cold weather.

  • What Is a Keeshond?

    What Is a Keeshond?

    6 months ago

    The Keeshond is a medium sized breed that originated in Europe. The dog was bred for companionship.  The breed is also known as Keeshonden, and they are very playful.  These dogs are known for their intelligence and energy.    They are quick...

  • Traveling With Your Dog

    Traveling With Your Dog

    6 months ago

     Traveling with your dog can be fun and exciting if you are both prepared. Consider how you plan to travel well ahead of time. Plane, train, boat, or vehicle, or a combination of transportation methods. Many dogs experience high anxiety and stress...


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