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In other news, the Share and Share a Like contest is chugging along at a very healthy clip.  Robin Edmondson and I have been absolutely stunned by the entries. The weekly Fan Faves finalists for week 2 of the contest are now open for votes, so we invite you to vote for your favorite by visiting the Fan Faves tab to the left side of our Facebook page.  Fan Faves voting is open until Friday at 4:00pm PT, and your vote may make the difference between a Hubber just being nominated and winning $25, $50, $100, and even $500. 

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Simone Haruko Smith
Marketing & Community Manager

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The Definitive Guide To Drawing A Zombie With Photos And Video Tutorials

The Definitive Guide To Drawing A Zombie With Photos And Video Tutorials

by Wayne Tully published 5 days ago

To draw a zombie is to be as creative as possible with the right areas of your imagination all poured out on to the paper you are going to draw on. Drawing a zombie is what we will go through here with step by...

How to Fully Clean a Car

How to Fully Clean a Car

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Proper care is important in order to keep cars in good working condition. While changing the oil and rotating the tires are well-known aspects of car maintenance, one area that is often neglected is basic...

Writing Tips #4: Building a Character

Writing Tips #4: Building a Character

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What is a world without characters? You may build the most luxurious, creatively stunning world in your story but without characters to populate in and interact with this literary landscape, the world will be...

The To Do's For A Job Interview

The To Do's For A Job Interview

by sassyk73 published 2 days ago

I decided to write this hub on interviewing based on my personal experience as an interviewee and the interviewer. I hope this is helpful.

Enemies of the People? Life in Communist Yugoslavia

Enemies of the People? Life in Communist Yugoslavia

by WannaB Writer published 6 days ago

Most of us who grew up during a time of peace have led sheltered lives compared to that of my husband, Kosta, who was born in Serbia in 1939. He lived through the German invasion of Belgrade, which occurred...

He Never Said That!--Famous movie quotes that were never said

He Never Said That!--Famous movie quotes that were never said

by Robwrite published 4 days ago

Movie quotes are part of our popular culture. We've all used them. Old ones ("I don't think we're in Kansas any more") or newer ones ("Show me the money!"). However, you may be surprised to know that some of...

Fun Ways To Get Your Child Ready For Preschool

Fun Ways To Get Your Child Ready For Preschool

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    Your child has now entered a new milestone in their life and is now ready to prepare for preschool. Don't stress! Teaching your child everything they need to know is as easy as 1-2-3! The key is to keep...

The Impact of the Beauty Industry on Young Girls

The Impact of the Beauty Industry on Young Girls

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The beauty industry is a very influential part of our young girls' lives. How does this impact their self-esteem and self-worth and how can we help?

How to Make Lemony Apple Jam - Step by Step with Pictures

How to Make Lemony Apple Jam - Step by Step with Pictures

by Om Paramapoonya published 7 days ago

Today the Apple Goddess is in a whimsical mood. She has inspired me to experiment with some tart green apples instead of sweet red ones. Unlike the typical version, my homemade apple jam will be very lemony and boldly flavored.

Zombie Tag Guide: How to Play Zombie Tag

Zombie Tag Guide: How to Play Zombie Tag

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Would you like to participate in a zombie apocalypse without actually having to taste any guts? Then play a game of zombie tag. It is the perfect way to experience a zombie outbreak with the comfort of knowing the world as you know it isn't over. This article will tell you how to play zombie tag with kids, at Halloween, on campus, and even a large-scale game of tag with thousands of players.

To Wed or not to Wed- making the Biggest Decision of Your Life

To Wed or not to Wed- making the Biggest Decision of Your Life

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Warning this hub is brutally honest and may change your thinking about getting married. Long before I ever started my psychology degree I was a wedding planner. I have seen women of all ages take the trip...

The Benefits of Reiki, for Mind, Body and Soul

The Benefits of Reiki, for Mind, Body and Soul

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Reiki is an ancient hands-on spiritual healing method used for self-healing or the healing of others, and it"s believed to have been used by Jesus Christ and also by Buddha. Reiki was re-discovered by Dr Mikao...

How to Make a Halloween Witch Shadow Box Decoration

How to Make a Halloween Witch Shadow Box Decoration

by Erika Marie published 7 days ago

Step by Step instructions to make a Halloween Witch Shadow Box with potion bottles, mini witch broom, witch hat and other witchy items. Embellish your display box using Halloween scrapbooking supplies.

Summer Flowers Quiz

Summer Flowers Quiz

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Are you a gardener? Do you enjoy flowers? How well do you know your summer flowers? This quiz uses pictures of ten flowers to help you identify them. There is a question about each flower. Take a minute to...

How To Stay Motivated With HubPages

How To Stay Motivated With HubPages

by Bud Gallant published 7 days ago

Hey, we've all had one of those days, right? You wake up in the morning, or come in after work, and you are excited to see just how well your hubs have done. Your excitement quickly fades to disappoint when...

Things You Can Do With Loose Change

Things You Can Do With Loose Change

by Sylvia's Thoughts published 3 days ago

In our present economy, I've started looking at something I used to value greatly as a kid but not so much as an adult. It's called 'change'. No, not the stuff of political campaign speeches, but the pennies,...

The Moustache Parakeet - A Playful and Clever Pet Parrot

The Moustache Parakeet - A Playful and Clever Pet Parrot

by AliciaC published 5 days ago

Moustache parakeets are intelligent and playful birds. A hand-reared moustache parakeet bought when it is young and given lots of attention can be a great pet!

Kennedy's 'Religion' Ad - Kennedy v Nixon

Kennedy's 'Religion' Ad - Kennedy v Nixon

by TheWorldNow published 2 days ago

In the 1960 Kennedy vs. Nixon presidential election, there was much controversy about John F. Kennedy’s religion. Many Democrats thought that Kennedy would never be able to get elected because states that...

Mystery Files: The Pregnant Pope

Mystery Files: The Pregnant Pope

by Gaizy published 3 days ago

The Year is 1099. The place is Rome, Italy. A Papal procession is slowly moving through the streets. when it becomes apparent to the entourage that all is not well with the Pope. His face contorts in agony as he lets out a scream of pain. The procession grinds to a halt in a backstreet somewhere between the Colosseum and the Basilica of St. John Lateran. The Holy Father's retinue rush to his aid, then watch in horror as the Pope gives birth to a child.

Sailing with Children

Sailing with Children

by leahlefler published 6 days ago

Sailing with children is a rewarding experience: this article contains tips for parents who want to develop a love of sailing in their children.

What to Do When the Internet is Down

What to Do When the Internet is Down

by Ebower published 3 days ago

A funny description of what people should do when the internet isn't working

Travel in a Rented RV:  From Los Angeles to Yellowstone (Sequoia, Yosemite, Lake Tahoe)

Travel in a Rented RV: From Los Angeles to Yellowstone (Sequoia, Yosemite, Lake Tahoe)

by JSParker published 2 days ago

From LA to Yellowstone in 10 Days, 4 adults had the time of their lives in a 26 foot RV rented from Cruise America. A fairly frugal holiday, we paid half price for a one-way RV out of Los Angeles, camped in...

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Hubber to Hubber

bbnix, From Southern California, 136 Fans, 33 Hubs, Joined 6 months ago

W. B. Isley Interviews bbnix

A man of many talents shares how he found his place on HubPages

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you bbnix. A creative genius extraordinaire. If you can see it he can draw it, model it, or build it for you. His hubs reflect an amazing depth of feeling and grace.

Thanks, William. I like that intro very much, and even if, perhaps, I may be all that, I would add the caveat that I am very adept at being a profound idiot as well...

1. I've been wondering, in the short time that I've known you, what brought you to HubPages?

Surfing the net, I stumbled upon a hub by Cheeky Girl, who, by the way, is an absolutely incredible writer. I was so struck by her, and her close friends, who she wrote so beautifully about, and then I read their Hubs, and then I stumbled upon other writers, and others, all of whom who were just as incredible as the last. I mean it was like tripping and rolling down a snow covered hill, everything just got to be a larger and larger snowball, until, finally, I posted a couple poems of my own that I had loosely written a year prior, and then, the response I got was just so overwhelmingly wonderful and supportive, I was hooked. And have been ever since,,,ever growing as well.. just breathtaking...

Cool, it sounds similar to me. I was lured away from Facebook by a HubPages ad on Facebook.

2. You have such a big heart, what are your plans for affecting the rest of the world in positive ways?

My goals are simply: Peace, love, happiness, excitement, charity, empathy, empowerment and ecology... And it seems the most productive means of achieving those ends is to take a page from the corporate playbook... vertical integration I believe the term is... where I combine, overlay, matricize, and integrate several of my well-established skill sets, specifically art, sculpture, writing, drama, stage, animation, engineering, design, and marketing, to name a few, all to achieve those ends of cultural, long-term significance, and hopefully, humbly, pay a few bills along the way, secondarily of course... but hey, a person's got to eat...

From what I've heard. Eating is a good thing if one wants the strength to change the world.

3. You've done a wonderful job of stepping up to those four friends challenges. How have the various subjects changed and enriched your life so far?

I love a prompt and a challenge, both of which I've benefited from in our friendly competition. I have to tell you though, it's a humbling experience. These people are a hell of a group of writers....like many on HubPages. More than anything else, I'm a student here of all this incredible talent...

4. I know that you've been clean and sober for a while now. Care to share with us how you did it and how it has affected your writing style?

That's easy... for me at least, it's a self fulfilling prophecy. The better I feel with my work and my life, the less I need external sources of artificially feeling so... simple. Keep in mind though, it took me many decades to work through that... soooo... it was easy in concept, but, a real bear in implementation.... and I did have a lot of support from a couple key people in my life...

Yes, those key people are so important in all of the clean and sober part. You've done well for yourself.

5. What kinds of gifts has your higher power given to you as a result of figuring out that there is more to life than you?

Hmmmm...I don't know much about higher powers other than the gift of life itself, and not only of myself, but all the life surrounding me. What a gift all that is, it's incredibly humbling to consider all that I should be thankful for. In terms of my gifts, I am very lucky, but then again, they also represent an insatiable desire to learn and a gift of available knowledge that includes: libraries, public education, incredibly giving teachers and professors, and the unimaginable freedom of knowledge on the internet... all at risk with the budget slashing right-wing politicians and profit-driven motivations... That's my goal...that we can strike a balance of controlled government and corporate control, but also have a system beyond corporate profit that attends to common needs and guarantees all humans a right to the base necessities of food, shelter, health, and education.

Well folks, that sums it up for an incredible man. One of many talents, not just writing. I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I have.

Hub Nuggets

This Week's HubNuggets

The Elite HubNuggets team selects awesome Hubs by promising new Hubbers each week as part of the weekly HubNuggets contest.  The community then votes for their favorite Hub in each category.

This week, Hubs from the Personal Finance, Home, and Games, Toys, and Hobbies categories were rounded in a Hub by Enelle Lamb in which the team got together to renovate the official HubNuggetes clubhouse. What made the perfect finishing touches to the spiffed up rooms? The nominees, of course! Check out the best of the best below.


      Personal Finance
30% SuperheroSales

Modern Day Superhero: Four Simple Steps to Get More Money in Your Pocket

The Modern Day Superhero series is about making yourself a better person. The idea is to regress to the days where you pretended to be a hero of yours and were given the confidence to reach beyond your current...

28% applecsmith

Bankruptcy Myths and Truths

Bankruptcy Defined - A legal proceeding involving a person or business that is unable to repay any outstanding debts. The bankruptcy process begins with a petition filed by the person in debt or unable to pay...

18% L. Childree

Working from Home with an Autism Spectrum Disorder Child

There are a number of reasons that parents choose to work from home. While typically mothers stay home with children there are now fathers that stay home as well. The benefits can be numerous personally and...

41% enchantedmirror

Using Mirrors to Beautify a Room

Mirrors make a great addition to any room. Aside from allowing us to take a look at ourselves, creating the illusion of space and reflecting light, they can serve as decorative pieces that will definitely add...

24% NotTooTall

Attract Butterflies To Your Landscape

Butterfly gardens are created for the intention of attracting, well . . . butterflies! Butterflies help the environment by pollinating flowers and providing food for nestling songbirds as caterpillars....

12% camsolivia

What Every Woman Needs in her Toolbox

Nowadays, there are quite a number of women who have made the choice to live on their own, buy their own homes and navigate their way through the world without a man. Whether by choice or by happenstance, it...

      Games, Toys, and Hobbies
49% Phil Plasma

The Importance of Chess for Children

What are the benefits of teaching children how to play Chess.

14% Erika Marie

How to Build an Indoor Fairy Village

Make your own fairy village for your home using simple items. Build mini fairy village houses and accessories to decorate the village. This is a fun project for adults and kids alike!

14% GGEniGma

Learning Starcraft 2

Starcraft 2 Logo Starcraft 2 is a game unlike any game I have ever played before. It requires skill, dedication, tactics, only to name a few. Unlike all the RPGs and FPS games I'd played before, RTS games...



  HubPages Fun Fact: In the space of one day in Jordan, a visitor can see the ruins of stone age society, Nabataean civilisation, Roman colonisation, Arabic and Crusader invasion. http://hubpages.com/hub/Jordans-History-Greensleeves