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Have a Birthday Party for Your Dog!

Updated on March 12, 2014

Beffy's Pet Shop--A Series of Pet Product and Information Hubs

A lot of my pet hubs are based on experiences that we had with our dog, Beffy--this series of hubs is to honor her memory. I love animals, and I enjoy learning about anything to do with making their life a happier and healthier one, or in the case of some articles, just a cuter one!

In Memory of Beffy...

Beffy, who will live in our hearts forever...
Beffy, who will live in our hearts forever...

A Birthday Party For Your Dog? Why Not?

What could be more fun than to celebrate your dog's birthday with a party? The birthday boy(or girl) could have all his canine buddies over for a wild and crazy day of games, food, and frivolity. Here are some ideas to help make that happen...use them, or think of some of your own...the important thing here is to just have fun and make it a great day for everyone, dogs and humans alike! Start off with some cute birthday hats to pass out at the door for dogs and owners alike, then let the party begin!

Door Prizes for All

As each guest arrives, have them write the name of their dog on a piece of paper and put it into a bowl (a dog bowl would be perfect!) Later, draw names for special door prizes for the doggie guests or their owners, or both. Some suggestions for prizes: a new leash or bowl, a bag of treats, a new brush(for the dogs), or for the owners, a gift card to a store or restaurant is one prize that would be enjoyed.

Some Fun Food Ideas

Birthday Cake? Of course!

A party wouldn't be complete without a cake, but since dogs shouldn't eat cakes made for us, then you should provide two types--a regular cake for your human guests, and one made from ingredients that are safe for dogs. Check your local pet store or go online to search for recipes for a doggie cake. Have fun with this--turn your imagination loose when coming up with ideas for decorating the cakes, such as a bone-shaped cake that would definitely be a great conversation least for your human guests!

Finger(or paw) Foods

Buy or make your own extra doggie treats. Use them in a pinata, or give out as rewards for winning doggie games. For human guests, use a bone-shaped cookie cutter to make finger sanwiches or baked goodies, or any other treat you decide on.

Games for the Birthday Dog and his/her Friends

How about an obstacle course? Make a hurdle or two using boxes and broom or mop stick--cut the stick in two pieces if you want two hurdles. Poke holes in the sides of the boxes then push an end of the stick into each box. You can paint up the boxes to make them look like bricks using red paint, or just leave them as they are.

Make a tunnel out of more cardboard boxes. Open up all of the flaps, then lay the box on its side--use as many as you want, to make the tunnel as long as you want!

Make a flaming loop of fire by getting a hula hoop and gluing or taping flames made of construction paper. Use red, yellow, or orange paper for a better and more realistic look. Have someone hold it a few inches above ground, so dogs can jump through it!

Once these are all in place--have each owner run his dog through the course--the fastest one to complete it wins a special prize!

Or have a hot dog eating contest! Cut a hot dog into 8 to 10 pieces for each dog. Put the pieces on a Frisbee for the owner to hold. The first dog to gobble up all of his hot dog pieces wins the special prize, but all of them get to keep the Frisbee as a take home gift!

Suggestions for the special prize: a new chew toy, a squeaky toy, or even a bone would all be something all dogs would love.

Best Place For a Party...Your Own Backyard

Obviously, the best place to have this party would be outdoors. If you don't have a large enough area at home, consider moving the party to a park nearby, or a friend or relative's backyard. Just make sure that they realize what amount of commotion they will have in their yard!

These are just a few suggestions to think about--I'm sure there are many more games or food ideas if your wander around on the Internet or just use your imagination. Just have fun with the whole idea of a doggie birthday party--don't worry if everything isn't perfect, because your dog is going to love you no matter what...but you already know that, don't you?

How Does A Doggie Birthday Party Sound to You?

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