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Buying a Dog Muzzle

Updated on June 4, 2013

People muzzle their dogs for various reasons. Sometimes certain places where dogs go require that you use a dog muzzle. Some dogs have problems with aggression when they meet other dogs in the park or while out for a walk, and some people use a muzzle when their dog is likely to meet people the dog doesn’t know. Other owners use a dog muzzle only when they take their pet to be groomed or cared for by the veterinarian, and some people use a dog muzzle during training. In all cases, the reason for using a dog muzzle is safety, for the people or other animals around it, and for the dog itself.

For whatever reason you will be using a dog muzzle, you should know a few things about how to purchase a muzzle so that it will be useful for the purpose it is being put to. There are several different varieties of muzzles available to buy and each has its uses. Getting the right muzzle for your dog is extremely important for everyone involved.

Sometimes, a dog muzzle is necessary to keep animal and human safe.
Sometimes, a dog muzzle is necessary to keep animal and human safe.

Dog Muzzle Types

Dog muzzles come made in various styles and made from various materials, each with certain strengths and drawbacks. Knowing the various features of the dog muzzle types will help you in deciding which will be right for your dog and your particular situation.

Wire Basket Dog Muzzle

One popular and often highly recommended type of dog muzzle is the wire basket muzzle. This muzzle is fit securely around the dog’s head and neck with snug straps that are difficult for your dog to dislodge. The section that fits over the snout is made from a wire mesh, a kind of basket that fits around your dog’s nose and mouth. One excellent advantage of this type of dog muzzle is that it allows your dog to breath easily, with the wire mesh allowing in plenty of air. This is extremely important if your dog will be wearing the muzzle for any length of time and if it will be outside or in a warm place. Muzzles that do not let your dog pant freely can be quite dangerous if the dog becomes overheated. The basket dog muzzle also allows your dog to drink. The main disadvantage of this dog muzzle is that it is rather hard and can hurt another dog or person if the dog swings its head rapidly.

Plastic Dog Muzzle

A less expensive and very durable type of dog muzzle is the plastic variety, in which the dog’s snout is cased completely in a plastic shell. Because of its relative low cost, a plastic dog muzzle is great for dogs that only need to wear one occasionally, for trips to the groomer or vet or for short walks down the street or in the park. It is a bit harder for the dog to get air with this type of muzzle and drinking can be difficult for the dog that wears it, so a pet wearing a plastic muzzle should not be left alone or in the muzzle for long periods of time.

Leather Dog Muzzle

There are two basic kinds of dog muzzle that are made out of leather. There are the leather basket dog muzzles, which consist of a relatively solid piece of leather that wraps around the dog’s mouth and nose, and there is the mesh leather dog muzzle. The latter type, the mesh leather muzzle, is that type of muzzle most used in police dog training.

This is the most expensive type of muzzle on the market and it is also the most secure. These muzzles are very difficult for the dog to remove and they do not slip off accidentally very easily either. The mesh of the muzzle gives the dog plenty of air, which it will need during training.

The other type of leather dog muzzle is usually a solid piece of leather with air holes punched into it. These are less expensive than the mesh variety, but your dog will have a harder time panting or breathing. Some varieties of leather basket muzzles fit quite securely on the dog’s snout while others have a tendency to sometimes slip.

Fabric Dog Muzzle

Finally, there are the dog muzzle types that are made from fabric. These muzzles are quite inexpensive and so many people use them during grooming of their dogs or for short trips outside. This type of dog muzzle is easy to use and relatively comfortable for your pet. Be advised though that the fabric is thin enough in some varieties that your dog can still nip through the fabric, which can hurt even if the teeth do not penetrate the skin. These muzzles are good choices for relatively calm dogs.


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