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The Importance of a Dog Life Jacket

Updated on June 6, 2013
Some dogs love the water. Ensure their safety with a dog life jacket.
Some dogs love the water. Ensure their safety with a dog life jacket.

Unless you are a fish, the water can be a dangerous place. And this is as true for our pets, our canine friends, as it is for people. It’s great to go swimming with your pooch, to take him or her with you to the lake, the river, or the ocean. Some dogs just love to swim. And we like to take our dogs with us on board the boat as well, whether it’s a little fishing boat or a great big sailing vessel. After all, our dogs are like one of the gang, a member of the family, and it’s nice when they can go along for a day out on the water. But just like humans, dogs should be safe. Unfortunately, very many dogs drown each year. Even dogs that are great swimmers can get into trouble out on the lake, river, or ocean.

To make sure your pet stays safe while in or around the water, he or she should always wear a dog life jacket. With these jackets securely in place, fitting snugly around your dog, he or she can spend many hours of carefree play, or work, if you have a hunting dog, in and around the water. And the best thing about many models of dog life jackets is that they are often quite attractive. Your dog can look his or her best while staying safe and sound near the water.

Buying a Dog Life Jacket

When buying a dog life jacket for your pet, the most important thing to keep in mind is that the life jacket should fit right. A well fitting dog life jacket has the best chance to keep your dog safe. The life jacket should be snug around your dog’s chest, neck, and back, so that it will not come loose as your dogs plays and swims. On the other hand, the dog life jacket should not be so tight that it will restrict your pet’s movements. This can be dangerous if your pet cannot move as freely as it should or if the life jacket contributes to tiring your dog while it is in the water. To be safe, and to let your dog have the most fun on the water, the dog life jacket needs to fit ideally on your pet.

Fortunately, the makers of dog life jackets make these pet products in a wide variety of sizes. With just a bit of careful shopping you can make sure you get just the right size of dog life jacket for your pet. Another thing you might want to think about when purchasing a dog life jacket is the color you want to get for your dog. Many of the dog life jackets come in bright colors so that it is easy to spot your dog in the water. Sometimes the jacket comes in fun and colorful patterns while other jackets are made from reflective day-glo colors that are easy to spot in dimmer light or in very bright and sunny waters. On the other hand, if your dog is a hunting dog, you might opt for a dog life jacket that is made with a camouflage pattern. This will help keep your quarry from being spooked.

Where to Purchase a Dog Life Jacket

If you are in the market for a dog life jacket for your pooch, then one spot you may want to check in on is the website This online provider of all things dog carries a number of different dog life jacket sizes and designs. Here you will find a dog life jacket for the smallest dog, your shih-tzu or miniature pinscher, or the very largest of dogs, german shepherds and retrievers. What’s more, carries a wide range of dog life jacket styles and colors, from the brightest orange and red, to the whimsical polka dotted, to the camouflage style for the hard working hunting dog.

To go right to the source when shopping for a dog life jacket, head on over to These folks specialize in dog life jackets made from the toughest and most durable of materials. A great feature of these dog life jackets is the strong handles included on the back portion of the jacket so that lifting your dog from the water is convenient and safe and can be done quickly. The undersides of the dog life jacket is meshed in most of these models as well so that water can easily drain once your dog is back on dry land or aboard your boat.

What’s important to remember here, wherever you purchase a dog life jacket, is that this equipment is essential to the safety and well being of your beloved pet. Your dog should be as safe as he or she can be while in or around the water. Ensure a happy experience with your pet by buying a dog life jacket today.


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    • Sehnonimo profile image

      Sehnonimo 6 years ago from San Bruno, CA

      Well, the dog in the video is who is wearing a life jacket is a Welsh Corgi, and for some dogs, it's more important that others, I admit. But there are some situations when a life jacket can be pretty critical, like if you take your dog with you on a boat on the ocean. Not knowing how long your dog may end up in the water for, you know?

    • profile image

      Malcom Reynolds 6 years ago

      That is a beautiful yellow lab in the picture above. No, not the one jumping off the platform in the YouTube video, I meant above that one. Although I personally disagree with the whole protect-your-dogs-like-yourself philosophy. What did dogs do before they invented dog life preservers? They swam. Its gonna be okay, even without one.