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Dog Booties

Updated on June 13, 2013

With people, we don’t even stop to think about it. If it’s cold outside, we put on a pair of warm shoes or boots. If it’s really cold outside and it’s snowing or raining, we put on boots that are waterproof and will keep our feet dry. In the summer, when we go outside, we put sandals on so the hot cement won’t hurt our delicate feet. And at the beach, we protect ourselves from the burning hot sand with a pair of flip flops. In other words, we make sure our feet are comfortable and safe from all the elements.

Well, as some people like to say, dogs are people too! And they are, they are our friends and family and companions. So, given that, shouldn’t we make sure we protect their feet too? Shouldn’t we ensure that the feet of our canine friends are protected from the heat and the cold and the things that could injure them? Yes, we certainly should! And the best way to do that is with a set of dog booties. Dog booties will make your dog’s feet safe and happy. Your dog will love them too.

Cold weather is fun for furry dogs, but dog booties can help short haired or small dogs cope better with snow.
Cold weather is fun for furry dogs, but dog booties can help short haired or small dogs cope better with snow.

Buying Dog Booties

Naturally, the first thing you will need to do when shopping for dog booties is to get the right size for your dog’s feet. This should be easy since most makers of dog booties carry several sizes, all the way from the smallest dogs to the biggest of them. It is important not to pinch your dog’s sensitive paws inside a pair of dog booties. Not only will this be uncomfortable for your dog, it will also discourage them from wearing the booties. Your dog might spend more time trying to get its dog booties off of its feet than it will enjoying their comfort. Just as important, of course, is that the dog booties aren’t too big. It would be pretty easy for your dog to lose one of more of its dog booties in the snow or the forest if they do not fit snugly on your dog’s feet.

The second thing to look for is the specific purpose of the dog booties you are going to purchase. Whereas some dog booties are made for general, all-over wear, others are made specifically for one type of weather condition or setting, such as dog booties for the snow or dog booties for summertime fun at the beach. There are even dog booties that are made for your dog to wear inside the house, to keep him or her from sliding on slippery wood or tiled floors and to protect your flooring from being scratched by your dog’s nails.

Where to Buy Dog Booties

When you are looking for booties for your dog, a logical place to start your shopping would be Here you will find dog booties for the serious outdoor dog. These booties are fashioned for sled dogs, so you know that they will be made both to hold up to tough winter conditions and to protect your dog’s feet from the ice and snow. There are several classes of dog booties sold at this online store of various degrees of warmth and protection for your dog. As this maker of dog booties says, these booties are about keeping your dog’s feet warm, not about fashion.

However, if you do happen to have a fashion conscious pooch and want to find dog booties that satisfy the eye as well as the paw, then perhaps you should wander over to Here, you will find lines of dog booties for every season and every reason, all made with both function and fashion in mind. This store has warm weather booties made from breathable cotton that are great for your dog around the house or around the neighborhood. The nonslip undersides will give your dog traction and comfort. At the other end of the spectrum are the water resistant and fully lined dog booties for the cold weather months. These dog booties are made of Cordura and also feature non-slip undersides for walking in snow and on ice.

But whether you have a fashion hound or a dog that dreams of the Iditarod, dog booties are a must for any dog. Don’t let your pet’s feet go cold and don’t let them burn in the sun’s heat. Give your pet a new pair of dog booties and let him or her strut in style and comfort.


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    • profile image

      Lori Martin 7 years ago

      You have writen a great article!!! I am a crafter who has designed and manufacture my own style of dog booties. I wanted somthing comfortable and safe for my little Brute. I have several different styles and I also do custom orders.