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Choosing From the Many Styles of Dog Leads

Updated on June 12, 2013

There are those people who walk their dogs and then there are those whose dogs walk them. You know what I mean, right? You see them around the neighborhood or in the park, and their dog seems to be the one in control. Wherever the dog wants to go, that’s where the owner ends up going too. The dog pulls and yanks against its lead and there they go, off to chase after another dog or get into a overfull trash can or after a squirrel or rabbit hopping through the grass. And this kind of scene might be funny if it weren’t a little sad too. When you walk your dog, you should be the one who decides where to go and where not to go.

One of the most important tools for keeping control of your dog, both for your convenience and to make sure you keep your pet safe, is your dog’s lead. Dog leads give you the opportunity to keep your pet close by and safe while also giving your dog an opportunity to talk a nice walk and do a bit of exploring. Good dog leads are essential for a happy pet and a happy owner. What’s more, you may live in an area where having your dog on a lead is required by law.

You have the collar! Now you just have to go through the many different types of dog leads.
You have the collar! Now you just have to go through the many different types of dog leads.

How to Buy Dog Leads

There are many types of dog leads that you can buy for your pet. The style of lead that will be best for your dog depends on a number of factors. These include how well trained your dog is, how much freedom the dog should be given depending on his or her personality and the place you will be walking your dog, and on how big your dog is. Deciding on the best kinds of dog leads for your particular dog and your walking situation will ensure that your pet is safe and that you will both enjoy your outings together.

One of the most popular styles of dog leads is the retractable dog lead. These leads generally come with a plastic handle into which the lead retracts and expands depending on how much room your dog should be given to roam. When the situation allows for it, most of the retractable dog leads allow your pet a good deal of freedom to explore and do his or her doggy business. But when there is traffic or perhaps other people or dogs around, the lead can be shortened easily and quickly to reign your dog in. For many dogs, these types of dog leads offer the greatest flexibility and control.

Some dogs though might need a bit more overall control than the retractable type of dog leads can give. Your dog may be a puppy or not yet well trained to walk on a lead or it may just be an excitable type of dog. For these dogs, a training lead might be a better option. Training dog leads are generally shorter and are made from a heavy duty fabric of some sort. Thus, if your dog tends to pull at its lead, the training leads will stand up to the constant wear and tear without breaking or fraying. The short length can also keep the dog closer to you so that you can speak to it or teach it the commands necessary to keep the dog under control. Many of these dog leads are also equipped with a kind of harness that makes control of your pet easier as well.

Specialty Dog Leads

There are certain types of dog leads that owners use with their pets in special circumstances or under special conditions. For those who raise show dogs, entering them into dog shows and competitions, there are specially made show dog leads. These leads are designed for very well trained dogs that only require the barest minimum of control during the judging of dogs in a competition. Thus, these types of dog leads tend to be very thin and unobtrusive. They do not get in the way of the judges’ view of the dog and they do not ruffle the fur in an unattractive manner.

On the other hand, there are those dog leads that are simply made to be seen, and admired. Some owners like to show off their dogs and they buy designer dog leads as the perfect fashion accessory. These dog leads dress your pooch up for a day out on the town, complete with rhinestones, beads, crystals, or elegant and glitzy patterns and colors. These dog leads make a statement, one saying that your dog is as fashionably up to date as you are.

Naturally, the types of dog leads you will buy depend not only on the needs of your dog but on your own preferences when it comes to look and functionality as well. It may be that you require several dog leads of different kinds depending on where you and your pet will be going. In any case, buy your dog the lead it needs and get to walking!


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