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Waterproof and Outdoor Dog Beds

Updated on November 13, 2012
Waterproof Dog Bed - available at FetchDog
Waterproof Dog Bed - available at FetchDog

Waterproof Dog Beds vs. Water Resistant Dog Beds

Let me guess, you're searching around the internet and you can't find many options for waterproof dog beds. There just aren't many out there. There are lots of options for water resistant dog beds, so if you don't need the bed to be completely waterproof, those will work just fine.

Reasons you might need a Waterproof Dog Bed:

  1. You've got a new puppy and you don't want your little one to pee on their bed and ruin it.
  2. You've got a senior dog that's incontinent and they have accidents on their bed.
  3. Your pup is a lucky little guy or gal and you take them out on a boat.
  4. They're hanging out by a pool all the time and their bed gets splashed on frequently.
  5. You're taking your dog camping a lot.
  6. You're going to be in a situation where the bed may get wet and there won't be time for it to dry.

Considerations: They're not going to come in fancy, luxurious looking fabrics. Waterproof fabrics will be all one color and you'll probably only have a couple of color choices.

Reasons You Might Be Ok with A Water Resistant Dog Bed:

  1. If the bed is for your back yard, but you'll be taking it in and out. The water resistance will be ok for a sudden rainstorm or a random splash, but they're not meant to be outside all the time. They would get waterlogged in a long rainstorm.
  2. You can get a water resistant dog bed that is made of the same material as your outside chair pads if that gives you a better idea of what they can withstand.
  3. While not waterproof, they'll still be mildew and stain resistant. The fabric is tough, but still washable.
  4. Great as travel dog beds that can be easily wiped down.

Coolaroo Off the Ground Outdoor Dog Bed
Coolaroo Off the Ground Outdoor Dog Bed

Raised Dog Beds (like the Coolaroo Off the Ground Dog Bed)

Another great option for an outdoor bed is a raised bed. They are on a frame and the flat part the dog lays on is raised up off of the ground. The frame options will range from PVC plastic to aluminum or steel.

One nice one is the Coolaroo raised bed. It's made of breathable material that dries quickly to prevent mold, mildew and insect or bacterial infestation. It's nice for the patio in the summer and even indoors in the winter so that you're pup doesn't have to lay on a cold floor.

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    • newriverdanes profile image

      newriverdanes 7 years ago

      I found a site called or that sells easy to clean, removable waterproof dog bed covers. Just wipe them with a sponge or hose them down. They can be disinfected easily also.