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Weimaraner Facts and Dog Care Information

Updated on May 2, 2011


Weimaraners actually first originated from the German city of Weimar back in the nineteenth century and were bred as hunting dogs . Weimaraners were considered to be a dog breed of high prestige at the time. For many years the Weimaraner remained to solely reside in Germany; this Pointer breed also known as the Silver Ghost didn't voyage to other countries until like the United States and Canada until around World War Two in which the Weimaraner was specifically used as a Wardog. Later in the 1950s Weimaraners then began to spring up around the United Kingdom, and they now remain to be a considerably popular dog breed within Great Britain even today.

The Weimaraner Appearance

The Weimaraner dogs  have coats that range in colors from light browns, silvers, and silvery blues. Their coats are short, sleek, and have a glossy finish to them, but they may come in long coats as well; Weimaraners on average require little grooming. These Pointers have eyes that come in variations of pale greens, silvers, yellows, and hazels. At birth, Weimaraner puppies are born with blue eyes; Weimaraner puppies surprisingly enough have stripes at birth as well! The blue eyes and stripes fade from the Weimaraner puppies within just a few days though.

These are a large breed of Gundog that have beautiful lean and greatly built bodies. The Weimaraner dogs  have thin waists and somewhat deep chests. Their tails are usually docked. The Weimaraner dog breed  has large floppy ears that are high set on their heads. The overall appearance of this Pointer breed  is very elegant to say the least. Weimaraners have withers that are usually between 23 to 27 and a half inches. These German Gundogs carry an average healthy weight of roughly 60 to 80 pounds. The female Weimaraners  tend to weigh less and have smaller bodies than male Weimaraners .

Weimaraner Life Span and Weimaraner Health Issues

Weimaraner dogs  live generally between 11 and a half to 14 years. Weimaraners more times than not a healthy dog breed , but like most purebred dogs Weimaraners are prone to hereditary health issues. Some of the hereditary health issues these canine companions are prone to include bloat, gastric torsion, and canine hip dysplasia. Compared to other purebred dogs Weimaraners are on the lower end for percentages that develop hereditary health issues.


Weimaraner Temperament and Weimaraner Canine Training

Weimaraners make practically the perfect family pet , but these canines may not do great with some babies. The Weimaraner breed are incredibly loving and loyal animals so much that these Pointers are actually even prone to Separation Anxiety from their loved ones. Weimaraner dogs are fairly intelligent dogs that require firm canine training from a young age. In general this dog breed is prone to obedience issues, so it's important to reinforce canine training on a regular basis. The Weimaraner dog is a somewhat sensitive dog breed so it's vital to make sure that you use positive training tactics with any Weimaraner or Weimaraner puppies in order for them to be able to trust you.

These Gundogs need high levels of exercise, so they do not suite those who do not live very active lifestyles or work long hours at work during the week. This is not a breed of dog that was made to be alone for large periods of time or to be kept locked up on a chain outside without any company or activities to keep them occupied. If a dog owner fails to care for the Weimaraner correctly their dog can grow to become both very destructive and overwhelmingly depressed. As long as you’re good to your Weimaraner dog , you’re canine companion dog will be great to you and even perhaps become one of your best lifelong friends if you allow him or her the room in your heart to do so.


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