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Are u an animal whisperer?

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    travelingkhposted 8 years ago

    Are u an animal whisperer?

  2. craftyfox profile image72
    craftyfoxposted 8 years ago

    Most of my friends say I am, but I simply read the body language of cats (or dogs and horses!) and translate from that what they are thinking/doing. I can usually befriend a cat in minutes, even friends' nervous cats as there are postures that you can mimick to get them to come over etc but I don't whisper in their ears and perform miracles!

    Growing up I was an only child and spent A LOT of time with my cats studying them! I have always been interested in how animals communicate and often it is not dissimilar to how us humans unconsciously 'speak' with our eyes and postures. It is in my nature to analyse everything and ask why something does what it does.

    I was thinking about doing a hub on cat language and behaviour so will post shortly if you want to learn!

  3. craftyfox profile image72
    craftyfoxposted 8 years ago

    Every species of animal has a language it uses to communicate between its own kind, and to learn to understand I think is much easier than trying to learn a different human language! Cats actually have quite a rich language and even a complex system... read more

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    my last breathposted 8 years ago

    im told i am. most are amazed at how well animals, even ones that are said to be vicious, get along with me. ive had rabbits and squirrels let me get in touching distance just cause i spoke to them. yes i talk to wild animals.