my puppy was hit by a car and broke both front legs ones in a cast the other nee

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    jenzbearsposted 8 years ago

    my puppy was hit by a car and broke both front legs ones in a cast the other needs surgery its been

    a week and a half and suggestions on how we can help her get stronger. and how long until she will be able to walk. its very difficult she is a big puppy 60 pounds.  also and suggestions on how and where to let her go to the bathroom.  We been keeping her inside and putting bed pading under her for her to go pee. this is starting to be a big hassel. She tries to walk and takes a few steps and falls. Please any suggestions on how to get her stronger will be appreciated

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    Silver Poetposted 8 years ago

    My condolences for your loss.  I know you're glad she survived.  Sometimes doing what is necessary does become taxing, but you're going to have to persevere until the dog is healed.

    As for strength, right now she needs rest more than strength.  I wouldn't try to push her to walk just yet.  Just give her lots of petting and TLC and try to keep her spirits up.

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    emmabalmerposted 8 years ago

    It certainly is a labor of love when it gets to be a hassel. My doggie didn't break 2 legs at once like yours did, but she did break the same leg twice (one break right after the other) and it was a lot of work to keep her still and help her go to the bathroom. Our vet gave us some doggie vitamins to keep her immunity in check and she was on a lot of medicine to keep inflamation down and infection away. It's tough to help her get stronger because it hurts the puppy to move her legs. It may seem like forever before the casts come off and the legs are healed, but it will happen.