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How mutc would it cost to have a horse and would you have to have a great knowle

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    xcoalyxposted 8 years ago

    How mutc would it cost to have a horse and would you have to have a great knowledge to have a horse?

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    Born Again 05posted 8 years ago

    That question requires alot of answer! First of all, if you have no knowledge about horses you need some. It would be best if you boarded your horse with a trainer who would also be available to guide and teach you what you need to know. This is the more costly way to keep a horse and could cost from $350 a month and up depending on where you live.  If you have a few acres of land and can keep the horse at home it's less expensive but their is some labor and time involved.  Your horse will eat about 1/2 a bale of hay per day. Hay can cost anywhere from $2.50 per bale and on up. Then you need to buy feed too. Stabling a horse requires bedding also. Baled shavings can cost $5.00 per bale. A pick truck load of sawdust is a cheaper option if you have a sawmill nearby. Other expenses include a farrier (for shoes or trimming of the feet), wormer (every other month), and the vet once or twice a year for shots. If you're going to try this on your own you should find someone with a good knowledge of horses that you can call on when you have questions or when problems arise.

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    karmicfillyposted 8 years ago

    Believe it or not horses are very delicate creatures.  They can die easily since they can NOT throw up.  So anything that goes down that is not good for them will kill them.  They are one of the only animals that will eat themselves to death.  They also have those delicate legs where injuries can occur. 

    Not to scare you but read lots of books.  Do your research.  Take riding and horsemanship lessons.  Then maybe consider leasing/renting a horse first before you buy.  We don't want you wasting your money or doing harm to a horse. 

    Find people who you can visit and who can show and teach you about horses.  They love to talk about their animals.

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    manyinterestsposted 7 years ago

    How much it cost to keep a horse all depends on where you live and the age and health of the horse. But horses are very sensitive. You can screw them up pretty easiley with food or how you handel them. You do not need to be a vet, farrier, or equine specilest to own a horse but you should know any and all local horse barns and have them show you the ropes on taking daily care of a horse. All will have some knowledge to offer you that the other will not. Soak up that knowledge! Make sure you know a good vet that many people have refered before you buy a horse and have the vet check the horse out. Also have the vet help you decide what type of feed the horse should be on. That is a lot of info I know but I hope it was helpful!