what will u do?

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    benz11posted 8 years ago

    what will u do?

    u can help...animals all over the planet suffer from abuse and crulty everyday the little things u do can make a huge impact on there lives....animals are just like us so y abuse us...when u hert an animal u hert someone in the world wishing to hwlp them but they cant please stop the crulty u can send in money and food there are plenty of sistes online to look at and learn some more. u may think i c this everyday its not new it is a new a new animal is being hurt everyday start talking!!!

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    benz11posted 8 years ago

    I will help out byposting up signs and putting it onlnie to help animal crulty but i will ask a parents permision first....

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    kenya!posted 8 years ago

    heres one super easy way to help!

    I click everyday!

    http://www.theanimalrescuesite.com/clic … s?siteId=3

    you all should too.

    People have an issue with being selfless.
    If everyone took the time each day to think outside of themselves and do one act of selflessness each day, it would be a bigger shift in the way things are then we can even imagine...