My 9 yr old daughter wants a Chinese Dwarf Hamster.

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    astromom3posted 8 years ago

    My 9 yr old daughter wants a Chinese Dwarf Hamster.

    She is great with animals, very gentle, knows how to care for her cats & dogs but also respects all animals.  We've never had a hamster so I'm not sure if it would'nt  be better to get her a Syrian Hamster instead. My husband says a dwarf hamster would be better because it's less odor issues.  Any suggestions? Thx.

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    maddness199posted 8 years ago

    I HAVE A DWARF HAMSTER AND THERE REALY friendly my dwarf haMster only bit me for 2 hours by the way you might want to slowly take them out and tell her dont be scared because they smell fear you might want to give them this diet 8 in 1 hamster food and they seem to like fish tanks that are cleaned out with no lid and they like alot of exercise i hope i helped!!!!!!

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    hamsterloversmileposted 7 years ago

    call me at 4811850 id love one! please if you still have one just please contact me I dont need supplies really!