how often do you worm and de-flea your dog..

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    shazzabaxposted 8 years ago

    how often do you worm and de-flea your dog..

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    ladymeowposted 6 years ago

    I suggest deworming the same time you flea treat, as fleas often cause Tapeworms. I use Drontal pills that i get from my Veterinary for worming.

    When we adopted a dog a few years ago, i started off by only flea treating when i actually visually saw fleas on him. I would get frustrated when it took longer and longer each time i flea treated to actually kill all the fleas. My Veterinary told me to flea treat each month, at the same time each month, to keep flea away. He also told me that fleas can build up a resistance to the flea medication if you only use it some of the time or too late in the flea life-cycle.

    For flea treatment, i recommend using the spot treatment that goes on the back of the neck area. I use brands like Frontline, Advantage, and Promeris. If an animal has really bad fleas, i use the Capstar pill (from the Vet's office again). The Capstart pill kills fleas within 30 minutes and works for 24 hours. Its a good "booster" for an out-of-hand flea infestation.