Best catfoods or even okay to good ones: we have to look at 100 hubs to see the

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    adamwpposted 8 years ago

    Best catfoods or even okay to good ones:  we have to look at 100 hubs to see the rating of each ???

    I have to head to the store now, late evening, to buy my two cats a different brand of dry food, given that both cats refuse to touch any from the bag I just bought - and one even vomited shortly after eating it (that's got to be really bad).

    Yet after an hour of hopscotching through your catfood ratings links, I still have absolutley no idea which, if any, regular store brand of dry food has a 5/10+ or better rating to choose from.

    Why do you not summarize in a list  the best to worst rated brands / manufacturers?  Or groupings with a few okay - good - best ones for ADHD types like me?

  2. Torch Harrison profile image84
    Torch Harrisonposted 8 years ago

    I don't buy store-brand food for my cats anymore...the food I get is Prescription Diet Cat Food from my's designed for cats with allergies or other health issues.  I find that since I stopped buying the store cat food, my cats (and I have FIVE of them) eat less...and I only need to buy 2   8 pound bags a month at a cost of $46 per bag.  It's paid cats no longer vomit up food and their allergy problems have disappeared.

  3. Misty39 profile image57
    Misty39posted 7 years ago

    I recently found and bought Newmans own cat/dog food both wet an dry,my kitten is doing great after a long bout of being a homeless stray in a bad storm and being very sick,her sickness lasted six to longer weeks until I cared for her 24/7.........& lots of TLC   On the other hand I have two other cats I gave them friskies and their teeth turned black and one is very thin while the other is gaining but it's mostly fluid(toxins) from the can food; it's too late now to change the older cats over to a better richer cat food but my kitten is beautiful and thriving,I cannot believe in the changes,she looks like a shinny new coin.