We just got a cat from someone that has had her since she was 6 wks. old and she

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  1. profile image49
    mcs31872posted 8 years ago

    We just got a cat from someone that has had her since she was 6 wks. old and she is scared to...

    death of us. . she has been hidden in my home 6 days .. and won't come out to eat or drink. What can I do to keep her from going in the hiding place so I can get her socialized with my family?

  2. ledefensetech profile image68
    ledefensetechposted 8 years ago

    Give the cat time.  When the cat is comfortable, it will come out and socialize itself with your family, you really can't force the issue.  You can help things along by leaving food, water and milk out for it and leaving it toys to play with and occupy its time.  When you see the cat, don't make any quick or jerky moves, loud noises etc.  As the cat comes to realize that it won't get hurt by leaving its hiding place, then you'll have the chance to get the cat to trust you and your family.

    Chances are good that the cat eats and drinks when you're not around.  Give it the opportunity to do that and get used to its new surroundings.

  3. Amezmanson profile image60
    Amezmansonposted 8 years ago

    I recommend getting the liquid Catnip and spray it in spots of the house where you would relax within your home. This scent would attract the cat to you, and allow the cat to be familiarized with your scent as well as one that is enticing to their senses as well.

    As we all know, Animals are attracted or dispelled by scent. A particular smell can  set a sense of Security or Insecurity. there could be something in your home that is scaring your cat into safe hiding.  However, Use Fish oils, Or Special aromas to attract your cat. and as the cat feels more comfortable It will naturally come out to play. But,. first you have to set your new pets environment to one that is comfortable.
    buy play toys, catnip balls, hang objects from strings for the cat to play with. a scratching post. things of this nature.

    Hope this helps some. Just my opinion on what would help. I may be wrong. Good Luck, and God Bless.

    Joseph A. Balestrino

  4. KT Banks profile image61
    KT Banksposted 8 years ago

    I agree with ledefensetech, I'm a big time cat lover. It's always hard to give it time, because you just want to hold it and love it and play with it.

    Sometimes, getting two kittens helps. I did have this happen to me once. I just got as close to her hiding place as possible, I would lay there, even if I couldn't see much of her. at first I was just very quite, then I would stat humming a tune. Later I would softly sing to her. One day while I was singing she started purring. Oh happy day!

    Later I got some tuna fish and just put a small piece in the palm of my outstretched hand. I had barely started to sing when she peeked out at me. I swear she looked amused, then she came out and ate the tuna. When she was finished, she kept licking my hand. Finally she came up to my face and stared in my eyes. Then she just started to knead my arm and finally fell asleep.
    I was in another room when she woke up, and she came to find me. It was the beginning of a beautiful relationship! She got to know others in the family at first, while sitting in my lap.

  5. profile image49
    mcs31872posted 8 years ago

    I have gotten the cat to come out of her hiding place a couple of times and she let me rub her and was purring and all that.. she still stays in the same room though.,. won't come out and explore the rest of the house. I tried to close off her hiding area and that made her mad and she bit and scratched. I have her food/water and litter box in the same room where she is hiding but she isn't eating the food and doesn't come out often. It is like she doesn't want to be friends with any of us. It is driving me crazy.

  6. Lisa HW profile image62
    Lisa HWposted 8 years ago

    She needs time to get used to being where she is, and she may even be mourning for the people she's used to.   I'd put the water and food near her, so she'll know you can be trusted to feed her (and that you're her "friend").  Give her time.  (If you haven't done this, give her some people tuna.  That works wonders when it comes to "making friends" with a cat.)   You could also try letting her know what you have for her but gradually placing it farther and farther out from where she's hiding. 

    Either way, she'll probably start coming out a little a time, maybe when she thinks nobody is around, and investigating.  Speak to her in a gentle and/or cheerful voice.  Have other family members give her her food and "visit" with her too.

    If she's surrounded by kind, loving, people who aren't threatening to her (as when children are boistrous or try to pick up a cat who isn't ready) she'll socialize herself gradually, once she feels comfortable.  Six days isn't very long, especially if she was attached to her other people.


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