how to train a dog to return or come

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    briandposted 8 years ago

    how to train a dog to return or come

    breed is american pit bull, 1 years

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    Hoodalaposted 7 years ago

    Breed doesn't matter in training.  A good "come" command is essential dog training.  Leave your dog on a long lead and after it walks away a few steps tell it "come" and get excited.  After your dog comes back to you praise it.  After you do that a few times let the dog get further and further away but make sure it comes back every time.  Having a long 20' lead is essential, never let the dog out of your control while you are teaching this command.

    Work on that every day for a few weeks and then start adding distractions like other people at a park.  then work progressively with more and more distractions until your dog comes back every single time.  It is important to have a strong bond with the dog so that it want to come back to you.  Don't scold the dog and take away its drive to be with you during this exercise.