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i own an Alaskan Malamute puppy - 7 months and 65 lbs. I am trying to train her

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    hannartposted 8 years ago

    i own an Alaskan Malamute puppy - 7 months and 65 lbs.  I am trying to train her to go into her...

    crate in the car without having to lift dead weight off the ground.  No success.  I would appreciate any suggestions you might have.  Thank you.

  2. kgnature profile image55
    kgnatureposted 8 years ago

    Midwest homes for pets has a great little guide for crate training dogs.  Here's a link:
    http://www.midwesthomes4pets.com/Inform … Train.aspx

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    manda414posted 8 years ago

    You could always try putting her favorite toys into her crate and if that doesn't do it you can try to put her favorite treats in, she should jump right in after a few tries.

  4. northweststarr profile image76
    northweststarrposted 8 years ago

    Have you tried treats? A small piece of hot dog can work wonders.  Also, practice crating her outside the car so she gets used to going into the crate and associates it with the treats.

  5. winterwind profile image54
    winterwindposted 7 years ago

    Crate training is all about making it fun ,,, 'Fun for the dog not you'... his favorite treat  time and time again Mals will do anything for food … have you also thought he might be car sick dose he go somewhere that’s fun in the car???

  6. akirchner profile image96
    akirchnerposted 7 years ago

    Hopefully you got her to do it by now.....the way I trained my malamute to jump into the car was to offer a treat inside the crate and he gradually got the idea that if he wanted that treat, he just had to jump into the car.  Actually I just used a few pieces of his kibble.  He wasn't happy about jumping in at first but now he is an old pro - wishing you and your pup well!