my cat do not drooling,but her nose always wet and sometimes fluid comes out. Is

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    azifahposted 7 years ago

    my cat do not drooling,but her nose always wet and sometimes fluid comes out. Is is a sypmtoms...

    of hepatic lipidosis?

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    Pollyannalanaposted 7 years ago

    I think hepatic lipidosis has more to do with overweight cats but I would give this suggestion  to try>
    I really have no idea but my cat had horrible allergies with black eyes and wheezing for years, vet helped her some or maybe just on her own she started eating enough to stay alive but my daughter (no idea where she got the info) said try contact lens drop, I got the cheap walmart brand just make sure contact lens drops and it not only cleared up my cats eyes but she no longer wheezes, and this took no time at all,(3 or 4 days, twice a day) I watch her though and if I even think I hear a wheeze or her eyes don't look as beautiful I get another drop in each eye just that once and she is OK, somehow it getting in her sinuses helping the allergy, she is 16, I think it may help your cat, worth a try. Just hold skin and hair on back of neck and left head back,put arm and elbow on that same side down the cats back to keep them submissive and where you can work with them keeping them in place, if first drop doesn't look to go in good do it a second time but having head back makes sure when you loosen grip the drops get into the eye. Loosen grip slowly and cat opens eyes wider letting drops go on in, just practice with your cat, my Lilly is pretty mean but somehow she realized this helped her and does not fight me at all on it any more. It should help you see a difference in a day or two, twice a day and then maybe down to once a day. Lilly was well in no time.