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is it okay to feed our dog wet food

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    stupposted 7 years ago

    is it okay to feed our dog wet food

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    Lady Guinevereposted 7 years ago

    It's even better if you feed your dog raw chicken, hamburger and steak because it is something that you know what is in it.  Start reading the labels of dog foods, wet and dry and see if a normal dog *in it's natrual state* would eat those kinds of things.  For instance a dog would not go out to a corn field and eat a bunch of corn, yet most dog foods that you find in the grocery store the first ingredients are corn.  When do you see a dog only eat by-products of any meat?  Never in their natural state.  It is much healthier to feed them raw foods.

  3. DivaB profile image55
    DivaBposted 7 years ago

    Dry, natural ingredient dog food is always better. This helps with the many aspects of dental care. Wet, natural dog food is good as a once and a while treat.  Talk to your vet about the best diet for your breed of dog, and read up on ingredients that your dog breed needs. There are many great natural dog foods on the market now and educating yourself along with your vets help will take you a long way to know what is best for your dog. http://www.divab-dogs.com

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    nlhouserposted 7 years ago

    We give our dogs wet food mixed with dry once a day. Raw food is always best mixed with quality natural ingredients in a dry kibble food. Otherwise, their teeth will develop plaque - unless you brush them. Better than canned dog food is raw people food (http://www.waycooldogs.com/healthy-huma … -for-dogs/) so they think they are getting table scraps but it is healthier. Otherwise, use boiled fresh chicken without the bones and run it through a blender of sorts, add canned pumpkin without the sugars or cut a fresh one up and add it to the blender. They love the taste. If you put pumpkin seeds in the blender also, it is used as a wormer also as dog worms do not like them.