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Dry or Wet Dog Food - What do You Feed Your Dogs?

  1. Shil1978 profile image91
    Shil1978posted 5 years ago

    Dry or Wet Dog Food - What do You Feed Your Dogs?

    What is healthier for your dog? What are the pros and cons?

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    SAR2811posted 5 years ago

    Dry food is cheaper and easier to buy in bulk. I like wet food just because it has more meat and dogs are, afterall, carnivores.

  3. Dragonrain profile image85
    Dragonrainposted 5 years ago

    Dry dog food is cheaper and often more convenient.  However, canned foods usually contain more protein, and less carbs (which is a good thing, dogs are carnivores).  Because of how the cans are sealed, wet foods don't need additional preservatives, and they usually do not contain artificial flavors or colors. 

    Canned (wet) foods, again because of how they are sealed, actually have a longer shelf life than dry kibbles, despite the fact that they contain less preservatives.  Buying lots of cans may take up more space, but if you want to buy dog food in bulk canned foods will last longer when stored, as long as the cans are not opened, than dry food.

    The water content in wet foods can help to keep dogs urinary tract healthy, especially if, for some reason, your dog doesn't drink enough water.  Also, many dogs simply prefer the taste of wet food over dry.

    One plus for dry food is that it usually contains higher levels of fiber, which can help your dog's digestive tract.  Some owners report that their dogs have softer stool when fed only wet food. 

    If I had to choose just one, I would vote for wet food.  However, I think feeding a mixture of both is great.  It allows for owners to take advantage of the pros of both types of food, and gives the dog a bit more variety in their diet.  Also, keep in mind that feeding commercially prepared foods are not the only options out there.  There are also home made and raw diets, which many people feel are superior to all kinds of commercially processed diets.

  4. alexadry profile image96
    alexadryposted 5 years ago

    Dry dog food or canned? There are many advantages and disadvantages to both. Learn some pros and cons of both so you can make an informed decision. read more

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    Larry Wallposted 5 years ago

    My vet says dry is best, reduces tarter on teeth, more agreeable to digestive system and it is cheaper. Have to use a quality brand. I have three beagles. The oldest is 14 and she looks great and can hold her on for short runs when playing chase with the other two.