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which cats make the perfect house cats ?

  1. rajivnandy profile image60
    rajivnandyposted 7 years ago

    which cats make the perfect house cats ?

  2. wychic profile image89
    wychicposted 7 years ago

    The ones that prefer their scratching posts over the furniture, enjoy lounging around inside rather than chasing birds and field mice outside, and the ones that enjoy socializing with humans...or at least tolerate sharing space with them because the humans clean the litter box. In my experience, it's not breed-specific or even environmentally-specific...I've known cats that hated being house cats even though they were born into a house and that's the way they were raised and what they've known all their lives, and I've had some great house cats that were feral before I started working with them.

  3. tom hellert profile image60
    tom hellertposted 7 years ago

    I made a hub about this i am not sure if i finished it yet....

  4. Lifeallstar1 profile image59
    Lifeallstar1posted 7 years ago

    Persian cats are great...they are sweet and have great personalities but they are usually indoor. So, great house cats but they should stay in the house. Or you can take them places but they are just not really outdoor cats. I put a picture up of mine on a hub. She's so awesome!