My father had 2 cats, both around 14 years old. A couple of weeks ago, they bot

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    helengillis194posted 7 years ago

    My father had 2 cats, both around 14 years old.  A couple of weeks ago, they both became very...

    lethargic and refused to eat or drink.  We presumed it was the heat, but in fact, both of them were dying, at the same time!  One died on the Tuesday, the other on the Thursday.  Is it possible that they were so connected that they couldn't live without each other?  They were not siblings, but they were together for 14 years.

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    PaulaHenry1posted 7 years ago

    It is very sweet to think their love was their reason for passing, and it may have been. But you mentioned they both got sick at the same time, meaning it was the illness or possibly poisoning (food poisoning, drank toxins?) that was their dimise. Cats can catch very contagious viruses that obviously spread to each other...without a check at the vet and/or a diagnoses/treatment you will never know.
    I have witnessed many who die of loneliness (elderly clients) so it is possible. Personally, for your own sake, I would like to think they died of a broken heart.

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    dslettenposted 7 years ago

    I'm sorry your father lost both of his cats in the same week. One reason the cats weren't eating is that they may have had an intestinal blockage.  I know it would seem strange if both had it, but it could happen.  Both may have also come down with a virus.  Cats are very fussy and the smallest thing can make them stop eating.  The biggest fear of not eating is that after 3 days a cat's liver will shut down.  If an owner sees that their cat isn't eating, it is important to get the cat to a vet right away.  However, it may have just been the cats' time to go. While 14 years old isn't considered old in most breeds of cats (some live up to over 20 years old), other factors can determine their length of life.  Your theory isn't altogether wrong, however. We had a dog and cat for 16 years and both died in the same week. One never knows.