What method of cutting your dogs claws has worked for you?

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  1. wordscribe43 profile image91
    wordscribe43posted 8 years ago

    What method of cutting your dogs claws has worked for you?

    Our dog FREAKS when we try to trim his nails.  He won't stand for it.  We even got the Pedipaws to "file" them, but that was futile, too.  I am sick of taking him places to have it done.  Anyone have any suggestions?  We HAVE already worked on touching his feet and getting him used to it.

  2. Mikeydoes profile image75
    Mikeydoesposted 8 years ago

    It usually helps to play with a dog and get them tired. Believe me my aunt is a dog groomer, your dog is the same way to the groomers. Its a pain sometimes, but I do it to the girl im holding. She hates it and fights it all the way.

  3. wordscribe43 profile image91
    wordscribe43posted 8 years ago

    Thanks, Mikey.  I forgot to mention he's a 50 pound Lab/Australian Shepherd mix.  Do you have someone help you?

  4. eculligan profile image72
    eculliganposted 8 years ago

    I always let my dog sniff the cutters first and then I rub her belly to relax her.  It took years to get her to calm down, simply because I screwed up once and cut her quick.  It took a long time to get her trust back.  I also just used dog nail files and that seems to work well.  It takes a little longer but it doesn't bother her at all and its safe.

  5. profile image50
    tracylkposted 8 years ago

    I have two large boxers and I gave up on trying to cut them myself. I take them to the dog groomers, or vet they cut them for me for under $5.00 It's worth it to me. The groomers will even paint the females nails for me.

  6. freetowrite profile image69
    freetowriteposted 8 years ago

    If you have someplace cheap to take them to, I recommend it. If you get your dogs as puppies, its easy to train them because you can hold em' good. My dog still freaks out on me, from time to time. I wait till no one else is around, and she's tired. "Maybe I have a TREAT for a good dog who let's me cut her nails" And most of the time, she's good about it. Yeah, I talk to my dogs all the time, lol. Don't cut too much!

  7. Tirzah Laughs profile image78
    Tirzah Laughsposted 8 years ago

    Some dogs won't ever be okay with.  My sister's dog has to be sedated.   Once he's sedated, she just has them do everything from nails to  shots to teeth check.

    When he was about 8 months old, he got hit by a piece of sheet metal they ran over with their big power mower.  The vet visit was tramatic  and now anything that looks like a vet instrument or looks like a vet, he gets hysterical.

    They've tried desensitizing him but he's just not reasonable about it.   He hyperventilates, tries to run away, foams at the mouth and sometimes pees himself or howls.  My sister calls it PTSD for dogs. 

    They drug him twice a year, have the mobile vet come to the house and do everything that way.

    Call around to groomers, most places charge 12 to 15 but sometimes you can find a place to do it for 8.

  8. Lady Guinevere profile image62
    Lady Guinevereposted 8 years ago

    We have to take him to the groomers to get his nails clipped.  I don't want to really do it myself.  I can see the quick in the light nails but not the dark or black ones and I don't want the risk of really doing some damage with him.  He is already very sensitive.

  9. RHinck profile image60
    RHinckposted 8 years ago

    Hi there.  Aussie mixes are smart dogs.  Perhaps it is more of a behavioral problem?  You get the nail clippers out and the dog fights you, you let the dog go..the dog wins.  Next time you try to clip the nails, the dog fights you, you let go, and the dog wins.  It's a nasty cycle where you constantly let the dog win the fight against nail clipping! Either that or the dog has been trimmed too close and OUCH!  That would get him to not like getting his nails trimmed at all.  There's a good website that talks about getting your dog to enjoy nail trims by associating it with things he loves.  If he's a food-motivated dog, then I'd check this website out..

    http://blogs.chron.com/animalqa/2010/06 … nails.html


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