what does it mean if your dog starts eating thier own faeces?

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    gemmadavisposted 7 years ago

    what does it mean if your dog starts eating thier own faeces?

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    lovelylizzyposted 7 years ago


    gee wow,idk.sounds pretty serious.i am not a big fan of dogs,and i don't know much about them,but none of them really ever eat their faeces.my aunt has a dog named dog.(i know,i know)and when she goes number 2 on the floor,she spanks her,and makes her smell it.she REALLY doesn't like THAT.

    all i know is,it trained her well.

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    mandolynnposted 7 years ago

    It's actually very common for dogs to eat their feces. It's called coprophagia. Although it's common, it's not normal. There are many reasons they do it. The most common is that their diet is missing something nutritionally. Do you feed it high quality dog food? Make sure that your food is all natural, no bi-products or fillers(corn), and the number one ingredient should be beef, chicken, or lamb. If you feel the diet is satisfactory, then it would most likely be anxiety. Try to make sure it gets lots of exercise and has lots of toys and things to chew on. If he is eating good food and has no cause for anxiety, they do have products to deter this. But, you MUST fix the cause, or other behaviors or symptoms will appear which may be worse.
    Hope this helped!