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Are you a cat or dog lover? Or just a pet lover in general?

  1. profile image50
    Cap1186posted 7 years ago

    Are you a cat or dog lover? Or just a pet lover in general?

  2. Boreal profile image58
    Borealposted 7 years ago

    Forced to choose between the two, I'd say dog, but I'm more of a pet lover in general.

  3. kashmir56 profile image74
    kashmir56posted 7 years ago

    I'm a dog person,but i can make friends with anyone's pet.

  4. thedesertrocks profile image56
    thedesertrocksposted 7 years ago

    I love small dogs and I'm scared of cats and large dogs.

  5. jackie.t profile image60
    jackie.tposted 7 years ago

    I am a bit scared of dogs, so not too keen on them. Love guinea pigs, rabbits, and pretty much most animals that are still babies,  but definitely a cat lover most of all, I have eight of them!

  6. KristenGrace profile image61
    KristenGraceposted 7 years ago

    If I'm only choosing between cat and dog, then I would be a cat lover, because certain breeds of dogs scare me, whereas I like most cats.  However, if you're including pet lover in the mix, then I would say that one because I love all pets!  My bunny and hamster are too cute for words!

  7. mikesssb profile image56
    mikesssbposted 6 years ago

    Although I'm mostly a dog person I'd have to say that I'm an animal lover in general. I've grown up owning a number of different types of pets from a can and dog, to a goat and a pig (and not a pot belly one).

  8. NatureLover64 profile image62
    NatureLover64posted 6 years ago

    I am an overall animal lover but if I have to choose between cat and dog I would say cat.  I have a thoroughly spoilt cat called Ginger.

  9. KaisMom profile image82
    KaisMomposted 6 years ago

    I am an animal lover in general. I like dogs because they live to protect and comfort you and cats because you live to protect and comfort them. Dogs build my ego. Cats cut it down to size. It's a good balance.