Why did you choose a dog/cat for a pet instead of the other?

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  1. Hyphenbird profile image81
    Hyphenbirdposted 13 years ago

    Why did you choose a dog/cat for a pet instead of the other?


  2. Ilse De Jong profile image59
    Ilse De Jongposted 13 years ago

    love both but dogs are less destructive to furniture and cleaner as well as being less independant and easier to train!

  3. profile image0
    Daniella Lopezposted 13 years ago

    I chose a cat because they are less 'in your face'. Dogs require a HUGE amount of attention, which I don't have. With my cat, all I have to do is feed him and clean his litter box. On occasion he wants affection, but that lasts for about 10 seconds, then we're both off doing our own thing.

  4. GDiBiase profile image64
    GDiBiaseposted 13 years ago

    I have had both at different times in my life and each have been my babies. But I have to say the most awesome pet, I have ever had, is my 8 1/2lb tiny white shih tzu named Molly. She just ooozes with personality, but totally goes with the flow, she is very easy going and loves everyone. In fact when we walk in the park she is certain the other people and dogs are just out to see her!

  5. marketingskeptic profile image68
    marketingskepticposted 13 years ago

    I actually got a cat before getting a dog, but then it turned out that I was heavily allergic so I had to find the kitten a new home. So now, I have an adorable, super friendly Shetland Sheepdog smile

  6. CrystalisRad profile image60
    CrystalisRadposted 13 years ago

    I would honestly have to say a dog. To me cats are like your own personal enemy. At least the ones I have come across. I just love dogs, they greet you at the door when you get home even if you were only gone five minutes. They are always just so happy to see you. At least mine are like this.

  7. profile image52
    AnnMarie417posted 13 years ago

    I personally love all kinds of animals, and would have both a dog and a cat if possible. However, my husband is severely allergic to cats. Therefore, we have three (3) beautiful dogs, that are our children.

  8. profile image0
    Sierra Mackenzieposted 13 years ago

    I have had both dogs and cats, but at the present have two cats.  They have different personalities and one seems more like a dog than a cat since he follows me everywhere and meets me at the door, tries to open a door if I am on the other side, while the other cat is more laid back and spends much time sleeping, especially on my lap when she feels like it.

    With cats you can go off for the weekend and not worry since they have a litter box to use.  No one has to come and let them out in your absence.  If you start with an adult cat instead of a kitten, you will not have to put up with the climbing of curtains etc.  A scratching post satisfies.

  9. Jakd profile image71
    Jakdposted 12 years ago

    I have both.  Cat's kinda wander into my life and I adopt them because they need a home, but, I would never buy a cat for myself.  On the other hand, I have to have a dog.  To be without is like missing a limb for me.  They are the most evolved creatures on the planet in my opinion and the greatest tool mankind has developed.  They protect the home, reinforce structure and are the embodiment of fidelity.  No other animal on the planet is so finely tuned to read human expressions and cues.  Domestic cats, on the other hand, never reach their full mental development because to do so would be needless and make them act like wild animals.  In other words, Dogs evolved by becoming smarter to work with humans, cat's got stupider so they could be taken care of.  Dogs rule and ferrets are much better mousers!


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