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My dog viciously bit me today. How can stop it?

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    jeepmommyposted 7 years ago

    My dog viciously bit me today.  How can stop it?

    She's a 6 month old english bulldog/boxer mix.  I tried to take her rawhide away from her.

  2. Girllookingout profile image58
    Girllookingoutposted 7 years ago

    This will become a habit if you do not break it now while she is still a puppy. If I were you I would let her have the rawhide for a minute or two then take it away. If she tries to bite you, use your hand and tap her on the nose and say in a assertive voice "no". repeat this action tell she stops. Once she has gotten the idea praise her, by petting her or giving her a treat that she can quickly finish. I have done this with my Rottie and now can take away anything that they have in their mouth without the worry of being bitten. It might seem harsh at first, but in the long run it really makes for a better relationship.

  3. allbreeds profile image61
    allbreedsposted 7 years ago

    resource guarding is what it is called.
    Glove your hand if it does bite "viciously" Hold the rawhide in your hand as the dog tries to snap at it close your hand and tell him no in no uncertain manner.You have to make him realize that YOU are the resource giver and for that matter taker away..When he has realized which doesnt take too long snapping at your hand doesnt achieve his goal( getting the rawhide) he will submit to the fact that he has to wait for you to give it too him.The first time he doesnt attempt to snap give him the rawhide.To progress from that, hold the rawhide or better still a softer piece of food between your fingers and let him almost suck it from you by using his lips rather than mouth.Every time the mouth/teeth come into play take the treat away.From there move to a dog bowl with food in it have the dog tied and put the bowl just out of reach and feed him by hand from the bowl then moving the bowl closer doing the same thing..Soon you will be having him eating from your hand.When that can be done you will be able to take away food from him also.Have to teach them how to eat before you can teach them how not too eat

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    Longhunterposted 7 years ago

    First, don't give your dog, puppy or adult, rawhide anything. It's not good for them if pieces are ingested. No, I'm not a vet but I've been told by several vets not to do this.

    Second, it sounds like the dog has the impression she is the alpha in your relationship. Here's a trick I used with my new Brittany Spaniel and I've never had a problem out of her.

    Have a package of crackers on the counter next to where you fix her food. When you're ready to give it to her, pick up one of the crackers and the bowl, get the dogs attention, and let her see you eat what she thinks is her food. The alpha always eats first in the canine world. I had my wife and even my two year old do this and now any of us, including my son, could walk up to her bowl while she's eating and she steps away. She does the same with her toys. She's not sacred, as none of us have ever hit her. She just knows we're the boss, not the other way around.

  5. Mrs. J. B. profile image61
    Mrs. J. B.posted 7 years ago

    When I read your question at first I thought what did you do. Once I read that you took the rawhide bone away it all made sense.
    Your dog was protecting what is his. Is biting you acceptable? Absolutely not. I hope you reprimanded your dog immediately. At six months old he is still a baby and learning.
    I hope that your bite was not severe and that you recovered quickly.
    I own 4 pitbulls and have learned to understand all the signs.