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Which is the most suitable dog food for allergies?.My little dog licks her fee

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    sofie36posted 7 years ago

    Which is the most suitable   dog food for allergies?.My little dog licks her feet all the time.

    I have tried spraying her paws and she also has been eating kangaroo meat and potatoes.

  2. duffsmom profile image59
    duffsmomposted 7 years ago

    Dogs should not eat potatoes, they are very difficult for them to digest.  Not sure if you have ProPlan dog food there, but they make a very good allergy formula for sensitive dogs.

    Licking the feet can be an anxiety response.

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    Marge42posted 7 years ago

    It may not be allergy...Some dogs are just that clean that they lick their paws like cats.. My dog licks her paws alot too and I thought it was allergies until I gave her Benadryl and it didn't stop. I did research and have found out that some dogs just clean their paws when they come inside from being outside. Have you noticed any chewing on the paws? That can be a sign of yeast infections. But that is only my experience from my other dog. You know your dog well and hope you find your answer and it works or it's just a cleanliness thing.

  4. santos88 profile image67
    santos88posted 6 years ago

    If she is still doing this now I would take her to the vet. This can sometimes be a sign of heart issues in a dog. They lick their feed because they aren't getting enough blood flow. It is most likely allergies, but if nothing seems to work I would try running some tests for her heart and blood flow.