How long approximately will my puppies first season last ?

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    nikkie72posted 7 years ago

    How long approximately will my puppies first season last ?

    hello there, I was looking for a bit of advice, my cockalier lili will be 5 months next week and has just started her first season this evening. she is definately more on the cocker side ! I just wondered how long it will last and is it best to get her spayed before her next season as I have heard so many different stories.

    Thank you

    Nicola & lili

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    FiveDogsposted 6 years ago

    Usually the first "heat" or "season" last about 14 days. There is a period of fertility during the second week, this is when there is almost no bloody discharge, and the female is most potent. But keep track of when she does start then count six months, and this will tell you when she should start again. Most dogs usually have only two "heats" per year.

    As for spaying, it is recommended to have her done BEFORE her first heat. At six months. The common reason is due to increasing populations of unwanted puppies, but another good reason is breast, uteran and ovarian cancer in dogs. Some suggest allowing the female to go through her first heat, but I disagree. If you are planning on spaying her, do it before. She will be much better off for it, and so will you.